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a program of vocational education

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This goal was not realistic, but we worked with his team to develop a vocational program that incorporated the medical field.
The local high schools now have a sophisticated vocational program in which students can experience all phases of home construction while working up to the standards of the adult workplace.
Eaddy's guidance, Lakeview Center, with a staff of about 1,600, provides the community with mental health, alcohol, drug abuse and vocational programs.
There is no other state vocational program of any type that has seen the joining of federal/state officials for the purpose of improving the service delivery process.
The cost of attending a postsecondary vocational program varies widely, depending on the occupation, length of the program, and type of institution.
So he signed up for a supervised project in his high school's vocational program.
Local injured veteran and vocational program participant, Kenneth Dixon
Inmates in the program take construction trade classes at the prison as part of a vocational program with Lake Land Community College in Mattoon.
Their preliminary research indicated a wide variety of potential variations on what they named trades-to-academic (TTA) transfer, including differing definitions of what constitutes a "trade" or a "trade qualification"; the many types of trades and vocational education programs and credentials; and the potentially broad range of post-secondary academic programs into which trades or vocational program credits could transfer.
Like the greyhound rescue program, established by the Indiana DOC last year, offenders will have the opportunity to develop new skills in this vocational program.
School board member Mike Lansing said the unveiling of the vocational program fulfills a yearslong promise to concentrate on the needs of older students.
The gazebo, a project of the building trades students in the school's vocational program, will be in the Hannah More Park in the 12000 block of Reisterstown Road in Baltimore County.
The number of learners with special needs in vocational program areas will continue to increase in the future; therefore, it is becoming necessary to better prepare teachers in these areas (Sarkees-Wircenski & Wircenski, 1992; Repetto & Neubert, 1992).
This program sums-up the student's goals, his or her strengths, and the type of vocational program that would be beneficial.
The Social Rehab Center's vocational program has four major phases or components--job preparation, job development, initial job stabilization, and long-term followup--and is an approved vendor of vocational services through the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services.
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