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Synonyms for counselor

one who advises another, especially officially or professionally

a person who practices law

Synonyms for counselor

someone who gives advice about problems

someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp


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a lawyer who pleads cases in court

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The YMCA issued an eight-page circular announcing a School for Vocational Counselors with Parsons as dean and Ralph Albertson, Lucinda Wyman Prince, and Philip Davis as faculty (Brewer, 1942).
What began with the appointment of teachers to the position of vocational counselor has now become a program.
They may need to practice with the vocational counselor on how to present their needs to employers.
A Cigna vocational counselor recommended a standing mat and insoles for his work boots.
Standing in for Parsons, who died just before the course was scheduled to begin, Albertson conducted the first training course for vocational counselors, held under the joint auspices of the Vocation Bureau and the YMCA (Brewer, 1942; Pope & Sveinsdottir, 2005).
Subsequently, he opened an office as an arbitrator in New York, publishing several books on personnel management topics and finishing his career as a vocational counselor at his alma mater, City College of New York.
The kids can get the attention of the vocational counselors to ask them a question, and then hear their response live over the internet, thanks to the Raise Hand and IP Voices functions of our GlobeMeeting product," added Erick Caron, president and CEO of GlobeeCom.
In addition the individual independently completes a written transferrable skills analysis with assistance from the vocational counselor.
With the assistance of Bill's former vocational counselor they located a driving school that has helped mentally retarded people to obtain their licenses.
She began her career over twenty years ago as a vocational counselor, working closely with patients.
CRC, Vocational Counselor, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Center, Wheaton, Illinois.
Crisp (1981) surveyed 97 persons who had been referred over a 3-year period to a vocational counselor at a SCI facility in Australia.
although the vocational integrator had an influence on vocational activities, the addition of a vocational counselor to provide direct services and a longer time period for intervention and subsequent assessment are needed to obtain increases in vocational status which can be sustained; and
The undertaking is addressed to: directors and teachers of professional schools, people connected with vocational education, vocational counselors, employees of education centers and teacher training centers.
During the 1913 convention, papers were presented that provided insight on the most critical issues that vocational counselors were facing at the time.
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