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Vocalizing can be a fascinating part of vocal study or tedious drudgery; with a little creativity, most of us can make it interesting and valuable for our students.
Quantz (1897), Huey (1908/1968), Gray and Reese (1957), published data that silent reading rates were potentially faster than vocalizing or lip movement rates.
However, unexpectedly, no differences in the time spent vocalizing between pups of C.
A multivariate analysis showed significant differences between the two groups in areas of social attention--looking at people, orienting toward people, smiling at people, and vocalizing to people.
Along with standard concert-film footage of singers vocalizing and violinists sawing away, Klein gives us close-ups of the soloists, alternately beautiful and grotesque (the facial effort required to project the meaning of the words isn't always pretty).
On the morning of December 8, 1997, two juvenile black flying foxes were found clinging to each other and vocalizing in a residential area near an urban flying fox colony.
A female looking for a mate swims to a vocalizing male and generates a series of loud clicks that sound something like a Geiger counter detecting radiation.
Sanford Sylvan is a walking, vocalizing mass of contradictions.
Passive sonar presumes that the whales are vocalizing, which is very often not the case," said Dr.
The placement of the food in one of the containers was hidden from the apes, and a researcher indicated the correct container by pointing, vocalizing, or both.
The question arises that perhaps a failure for high intelligibility for sung English in opera may be due to the use of only a few English vowels while vocalizing during singing instruction and warm up.
I think Coming Out Day is more about we as a group vocalizing our mass positive experience of being out,'' said Bean, who came out after he retired and wrote the best-selling memoir ``Going My Own Way.
The Weill songs can be fiendishly difficult, and, says Barton, "It's easy to indulge in a movement and forget the vocalizing that has to accompany it.
Compared with during the initial play period, these babies enunciated substantially more syllables such as "da" and "gu" They also drew deeper breaths while vocalizing, which improved their articulation of speech sounds and removed the nasal tone that many of them had at first.