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Vocalizing and lip movement slows reading rate, thus making the process of comprehending more time consuming and less efficient.
The bonobos and chimps that had been reared in the highly communicative environments performed significantly better than chimps that had been reared in standard laboratory settings in the pointing, vocalizing, and pointing-and-vocalizing conditions.
In a personal favorite among her own Trolley Dances pieces, the sound system didn't work and "we ended up with the dancers vocalizing and making growling sounds.
Just minutes before they put the egg in the nest, "the embryo could be heard vocalizing, which is a very healthy sign," notes Susie Kasielke, a bird curator at the zoo.
The majority of those organisms will be washed out to sea leaving mountain streams and ponds free of predators and competitors and primed for local, native frogs to begin vocalizing for mates and breeding.
Buglisi's fellow New Yorker Robert Battle sent his amusing and vocalizing Takademe solo for Battleworks dancer Kanji Segawa.
Vocalizing that precedes babbling may even contain rudimentary types of syllables, according to psychologist Kathleen Bloom of the University of Waterloo in Ontario.
The song finds Black vocalizing in a near whisper over a jangly guitar and a depressed beat - proof that his head-banger days still linger.
The choreographer is a long-time fan of the polyphonic vocalizing of the Aka clan of the Mbuti (commonly known as Pygmy) to which Nzamba Lela belongs.
Babies may develop parsing mechanisms for vocalizing that later get modified for language use.
Other highlights included ``Sky Blue,'' featuring vocalizing from opening act the Blind Boys of Alabama; a further Africanized take on ``In Your Eyes,'' featuring the other opening act, Tanzanian musicians Hukwe and Charles Zawose; and energetic versions of ``Shock the Monkey,'' ``Digging in the Dirt'' and ``Animal Planet,'' from the upcoming film ``The Wild Thornberrys.
Joao's extraordinary expressive range reached from guttural croaks to coloratura trilling, with scatting and vocalizing in between.
Thus, when groups take turns in vocalizing, they are doing more than announcing their location.
Bradley's songs are a little eccentric - half the time you're not quite sure what he's singing about, and there are moments when his tobacco-chaw vocalizing gives his words an extra dimension of mystery - but they stir something deep just the same.
In Ram the dancers rhythmic vocalizing propels them to crisscross the stage.