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By integrating Nuance's Vocalizer Network cloud-based text-to-speech technology, Waze iPhone and Android app consumers are able to engage in a safer, smarter driving experience with upcoming traffic alerts and directions read aloud - enabling drivers to keep two hands on the wheel, and two eyes on the road.
About six Vocalizer officers will act as judges for the event, Mills said.
Other innovations include personalized call handling with proactive information delivery, automated collection of trip information, and a new voice--named Wally--using the Nuance Vocalizer speech synthesis engine.
VoxSurf's VxOne platform will now be offered alongside the Nuance Voice Platform, as well as Nuance's speech recognition, Nuance Vocalizer, Text to Speech and Nuance Verifier voice authentication engines.
Nuance Communications has launched the Nuance Vocalizer, its new text-to-speech software designed to provide a natural and intelligible voice interface to information and service applications.
Launched in January, the Nuance Mobile Developer Program gives mobile developers the power to voice enable virtually any application for iOS and Android via the self-service website - allowing them to quickly and easily leverage the powerful dictation and voice search capabilities at the core of the successful Dragon Dictationand Dragon Search apps, and Nuance's trusted Vocalizer text-to-speech (TTS).
Features/Functionality: Vocalizer 5 supports more than 40 languages and can handle audio from a library of static prompt recordings or by generating dynamic prompts.
com's solutions will also leverage Nuance's text-to-speech engine, Nuance Vocalizer, which converts text in a data-base into spoken words.
The TR1000 also supports Text to Speech (TTS) systems including Nuance Vocalizer 2.
Jawbone[R]'s New Caller ID Features Nuance's Innovative Vocalizer Connected TTS, Developed and Integrated via Nuance Mobile Developer Program
5, Vocalizer for Text-to-Speech) to provide recognition accuracy, scalability and robustness.
Now mobile developers are able to quickly and easily leverage the powerful dictation and voice search capabilities at the core of the successful Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps, as well as Nuance's trusted Vocalizer text-to-speech (TTS).
For example, Nuance Communications' Vocalizer for Network has been rolled out in 24 languages and 34 voices.
Blio is powered by the most advanced text-to-speech technology, using the Nuance Vocalizer, which allows readers to download two lifelike voices ("Samantha" and "Tom") for hands-free use.