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Synonyms for vocalise

sing (each note a scale or in a melody) with the same vowel


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express or state clearly

utter with vibrating vocal chords

utter speech sounds

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So, I spend part of the lesson time on vocalises and songs that help develop their voices and the rest of the time on the required song(s), helping to solve the problems that occur as best I can.
Part I: Preparatory Course begins with Vocal Classification and Extensions and continues with Initiating the Sound, Vowel Color, Intervals, Legato, Vocal Portamento, Scales, Embellishment, Semitone, Syncopation, Arpeggio, Introduction to the Volata, Ornamentation in Modern Vocal Pedagogy, and concludes with a Selection of Vocalises and Vocalized Arias and Selected Twentieth-Century Vocalises.
Part II: Course of Medium Difficulty includes vocalises and exercises of medium difficulty keyed to specific technical goals; instructional arias intended to be vocalized in the belief, articulated in Methode de chant, "that pure and unconditioned vocalization stimulate[s] the young singer to discover, first and foremost, the secret that every sound harbors beneath the meaning--whether poetic or prosaic--of the text"; and selected twentieth century vocalises, including the famous Villa-Lobos "Cantilena--Vocalizzo.
Part III: Course of High Difficulty has an Introduction that begins, "The following vocalises may be considered the culmination of vocal training, in terms of both the physical instrument and the singer's technical and artistic preparation.
Voice building: the vocalises that every singer should know--for example, the typical types of figures and tasks one finds in standard repertoire.
Specialized training: vocalises for special repertoire or voice types.
I will conclude with some tips to help students vocalize more efficiently, and offer a few sources of vocalises.
In the epilogue, Chipman expresses surprise that her vocalises, and "a few thoughts and memories" evolved into a treatise on the art of singing.
Alba has a penchant for collecting rare vocalises, and she shares less widely known exercises by Giovanni Battista Rubini, Luigi Lablache, Enrico Delle Sedie, Marietta Brambilla, and Clara Doria.
Teachers and students who respond to imagery will find this book very useful, and even pedagogues who avoid analogies will find the section of vocalises --especially those of the author --to be beneficial.
Practicing this latter category of singing exercises or vocalises is the subject of the present discussion.
Exercises or vocalises are an important component of any practice routine and are generally taught to the beginning student as a means of establishing good vocal technique (good breath support, balanced resonation, even scale, etc.
Yet, it is in the area of vocalises that student reluctance to practice emerges most strongly.
Faure includes vocalises for portamento, register blending, all types of scales, arpeggios, agility, and trills and other ornaments.
Faure's discussion of the voix mixte, or in any of the vocalises themselves.