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Synonyms for vocalic

characterized by, containing, or functioning as a vowel or vowels


Antonyms for vocalic

being or containing or characterized by vowels


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I]n fact these [nasal] vowels display modifications aptly systematic in their labial and lingual articulatory configuration, which prompt to consider them, not as oral vowels simply nasalized, but indeed as distinctive vocalic unities of the French phonological system.
In fact, the examples under C are commonly produced as acronyms; notwithstanding, the examples under B--which could also be produced as acronyms due to the presence of potential vocalic nuclei--are mainly produced as initialisms.
b) ALL VOWELS AS DOUBLED LETTERS I found 8 words having 3 vocalic pairs of doubled letters.
what might be called a transitive form (with vocalic variation) of to jink, viz.
The procedure consists of the semiautomatic analysis of the variations in the trajectory of pitch and height perception of the fundamental frequency (of the vocal cords' vibrations) of the vocalic syllable nuclei, as this is the point of greatest loudness, using a purely acoustic base to extract the harmonic peak without the need of phonetic segmentation.
Hogg and Fulk (2011: 289) explain that "verbs of the third weak class in Germanic are in origin structurally parallel to those of the second weak class" and that the only reason why they became a different class is a vocalic alternation in the formation of the stem.
Do not ask me to tell you where it hurts"--On an individual incapable of vocalic communication.
Vocalic communication is the nuances of language, including the inflection of tone, non-literal language, sarcasm, puns, and idioms.
The vocalic contrasts displayed by figure 1 have been largely discussed in the literature as ablaut (or apophony) and the different vocalic value are usually referred to as ablaut grades.
Meanwhile, typically vocalic forms like the street demonstration invited a growing feminist public into silent acts of reading through suffragists' unvoiced display of placards and banners.
As a producer all his new releases and remixes have jumped to the Top10 charts of Beatport and his DJ sets build from house, tech house, to techno with dynamic, pulsating grooves and pleasant vocalic tunes featuring in his sound.
Therefore the repetitions obtained in the three vocalic contexts were averaged.
It is now well-known that for the production of consonants, the constriction occurs in a well-defined zone of the vocal tract but it has been shown that the exact position of the contact in this zone can be modified by the vocalic context within which the consonant is produced.