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the act of operating on living animals (especially in scientific research)

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maintains, the vivisectionist exemplifies with his impassive suppression
problems" and as "material for experimental physiology" (Ryder 158) explains why, for Charles Bernard and the vivisectionists, a dog like Caro is "lost material," while for Miriam and the middle-class readership of the novel, Caro is a "gentle fellow-creature" (191, 202).
Moreau was banished to his island due to vivisectionist cruelty, driven from London by the combined scandal of a sensationalist pamphlet exposing conditions in his laboratory and 'a wretched dog, flayed and otherwise mutilated, [that] escaped from Moreau's house' (p.
actually occur in real human populations and obtains important, fundamental results otherwise unobtainable by "whole armies" of vivisectionists "conducting absurd studies on animals" (p.
Scientists discovered that mice, rabbits, rats, beagles, geese, and other animals used in laboratories strongly dislike even relatively benign experiments and become genuinely terrified when they are handled by vivisectionists, when blood is taken from their bodies, or when tubes are inserted into their stomachs.
How, Schopenhauer wondered in his Parerga und Paralipomena, can vivisectionists sleep soundly at night, in the knowledge that they have locked up harmless animals in order to starve them to death?
It tells how Tess Robertson - leader of the Green Guerrillas group - must pit her wits against vivisectionists, crooked waste contractors and corporate polluters in order to save the environment.
After a lengthy search, vivisectors and vivisectionists failed to respond to my challenge to find one human patient whose life has been saved by animal experiments.
Psychologist Judith Schlesinger's voyage into the minds of a few infamous vivisectionists (Sweeney Todd, Jeffrey Dahmer, et al.
260) And imagine how the public would react if lawyers were to announce a campaign to defend poor people who are accused of being drunk drivers, wife beaters, child molesters, deadbeat dads, or ritual vivisectionists.
Vivisectionists, zoo-keepers, slave-owners, colonizers of one sort or another, have all been concerned with the manipulation (whether that means to preserve, kill, use, instruct, or in some other way to socialize the unsocialized) of the other than the manipulator.
Envisioning themselves as rational men, vivisectionists were particularly inclined to accuse their opponents of being fanatics, ill-balanced people, cranks, or perverts.
If the cull does go ahead, I understand that the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) plans to target West Wales farmers in the same way they target puppy breeders and vivisectionists.
Antivivisectionist literature became increasingly deft in tying such ligatures, challenging divisions between scientific practice and public scrutiny, scientific discourses and social criticism, and vivisectionists and their nonhuman subjects.
my daughter's hamster to vivisectionists (come on now mate, you've had a good run) and all those bits of the house still not in the possession of the building society, and stick the whole lot on Silent Witness for the BC Mile at odds of something like 999-1.