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the act of operating on living animals (especially in scientific research)

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Moreau was banished to his island due to vivisectionist cruelty, driven from London by the combined scandal of a sensationalist pamphlet exposing conditions in his laboratory and 'a wretched dog, flayed and otherwise mutilated, [that] escaped from Moreau's house' (p.
This question is tackled in detail in the second part of the book, and it turns out that alternatives have been there all along, but most researchers have opted to remain stuck in the vivisectionist mode of thought due to intellectual inertia and cognitive complacency.
260) And imagine how the public would react if lawyers were to announce a campaign to defend poor people who are accused of being drunk drivers, wife beaters, child molesters, deadbeat dads, or ritual vivisectionists.
If the cull does go ahead, I understand that the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) plans to target West Wales farmers in the same way they target puppy breeders and vivisectionists.
Antivivisectionist literature became increasingly deft in tying such ligatures, challenging divisions between scientific practice and public scrutiny, scientific discourses and social criticism, and vivisectionists and their nonhuman subjects.
my daughter's hamster to vivisectionists (come on now mate, you've had a good run) and all those bits of the house still not in the possession of the building society, and stick the whole lot on Silent Witness for the BC Mile at odds of something like 999-1.
He is known for his views against animal cruelty and reportedly said millions of animal lives could be saved if a handful of vivisectionists were killed.
The Green Party MEP claimed when the animals can not race any more they are even fed to sharks or sold to vivisectionists.
This is because 28 days before, vivisectionists had burst into a lab and let loose a chimp infected with a Rage virus.
Local residents were alarmed yesterday to discover that the pigs bred at the farm were not destined for the butchers, but were specially bred for vivisectionists.
NewsStand: CNN & TIME (CNN): The news report "Animal Rights" gave a forum to vivisectionists who seemingly equate those concerned with the humane treatment of animals with animal terrorists.
People are angry that he tried to save animals from suffering and was locked up, while people who carry out animal abuse, such as factory farmers, vivisectionists and hunters, are free to walk the streets.