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producing living young (not eggs)

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14,24,25) While this supports the previous hypothesis that retrotransposons in the genome provide genetic materials to generate novel genes, (85) it has also led to the novel concept that at least in some cases the LTR retrotransposon-derived genes contributed to mammalian evolution, such as the emergence of viviparity.
Remarkably, however, once these species evolve viviparity, the process is mostly irreversible and they remain restricted to such cold climates.
With the sole exception of Tomeurus gracilis Eigenmann, which is characterized by oviparous egg retention, internal fertilization and viviparity are found in all species of poeciliids (Rosen 1964).
Viviparity and intragonadal cannibalism in the diminutive asterinid sea stars Patiriella vivipara and P.
Their topics include the evolution and taxonomy of snakes, oogenesis and early embryogenesis, viviparity and placentation, hormones and reproduction in free-ranging snakes, environmental and neuroendocrine control of reproduction in snakes, the sexual segment of the kidney, pheromones in snakes, offspring size variation, paternity patterns, and parental care in snakes.
Some immunological and endocrinological problems raised by evolution of viviparity in vertebrates.
While the phenomenon has not been given the attention it deserves there are a number of cases that have recently appeared in the literature including bilateral shift to asymmetry in the animal kingdom, the shell shape in freshwater snails, viviparity in reptiles, sex determination in turtles, leaf form in buttercups, and ant attracting extra-floral nectar secretion in Acacia trees (Palmer, A.
A cost of viviparity and parental care in scorpions: reduced sprint speed and behavioural compensation.
Reproductive biology and phylogeny of fishes (agnathans and bony fishes); phylogeny, reproductive system, viviparity, spermatozoa.
The yolkless egg and the evolution of eutherian viviparity.
Key words: polychaeta, Syllidae, Coiba, Pacific, Panama, viviparity.
Beyond the relatively simple question of when a crop will flower, there are a number of problems in reproductive development, including pollen incompatibility in both self and cross species situations, apomixis, parthenocarpic fruit set, embryo abortion, viviparity, dormancy, and quality of seed.
A cost of viviparity and parental tare in scorpions: Reduced sprint speed and behavioural compensation.