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The newly-single star, who called off her four-year engagement to rocker Rob Patterson last month, said that recording music again has been vivifying.
Dior Homme Sport, from pounds 44 This provocative and enchanting fragrance, which is ideal for the macho yet elegant male, contains a vivifying freshness and is bursting with masculinity thanks to spicy notes of Sicilian citron and atlas cedar wood.
They were taught that this sacred meal was vivifying and vital, and they believed it.
His general remarks can be musty ("Self-indulgence is hard to avoid," "How difficult it grows just to stay in play," "Disbelief gets harder to suspend"), but he sprinkles his nine "brief long lives" with vivifying details.
The bar just inside the front door now offers excellent happy hour deals on food and drink or a vivifying mid-afternoon espresso.
That life included hearing and observing God's good word, which was compared to vivifying water (Is 55; Ez 36).
The beautiful dark-rainbowed paintings that illustrate "The Land of Expression" lend the perfect vivifying touch, bringing the story to life.
Hail and farewell to ]Pod, that whale of a pod with its genially satiric aura, vivifying Asian faces of both sexes and futuristic outlook.
He says that the four basic stances of experiential liberation are (1) presence, (2) invoking the actual, (3) vivifying and confronting resistance (or protections), and (4) the rediscovery of meaning and awe.
Luca at the age of twenty, and his hitherto unknown early activity as a manuscript illuminator--thereby vivifying the artist's personal and professional history.
Per Petterson fluently jumbles his chronology, sustaining mysteries within several subplots and vivifying evergreen ideas about determinism and the bonds of family.
Forman and his Spanish cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe ("The Others") make sporadically effective stabs at vivifying some of Goya's images and curate a lovely display of great art, clothing and architecture.
Huck's Raft teems with trenchant insights, vivifying anecdotes, and shrewdly observed paradoxes, Its stories are fresh, its tales to the point.
Everything begins and has its vivifying root in Christ.
Religion, mythology, psychology, and mysticism confirm that images are a vivifying force of human existence," he adds, noting that "images, like dreams, are above and beyond communication.