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Synonyms for vividness

Synonyms for vividness

interest and variety and intensity

chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue

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The differences between women and men regarding the vividness of mental imagery remains a controversial issue in cognitive psychology and, in spite of the numerous studies, there is no satisfactory consensus (see Richardson, 1994, for a review).
Hoijtink added that SPGPrints' UV inks are ideal for retail markets including food, beverage, wine and cosmetics because of their screen imitation opacity and vividness.
The 4K technology will enable the dynamism of the goals, the subtle expressions on the player's faces, and the passion of the fans in the stadium to be captured with unprecedented vividness, as if the viewer were there in the stadium itself.
But still the two figures, the woman stretching out her arm to touch the man, retain a vividness and immediacy.
The stories have vividness, charm, and considerable humor.
Apparently one of Harrison's relatives has lived with this condition which accounts for the vividness of the descriptions.
The incisiveness and vividness of the portrayal are tremendous: "Some drinks laterhis shirt undoneone tail front right hangingtie askewfly unzipped.
The researchers began by measuring the subjective experience of the vividness of perception.
We next wanted to see if this finding of emotionally enhanced vividness influenced memory vividness," says Todd.
Of these, the most predominant are the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ; Marks, 1973) that measures vividness of visual imagery, and the Betts' Questionnaire Upon Mental Imagery (Betts' QMI; Sheehan, 1967) that measures vividness of imagery in terms of seven senses: visual, auditory, cutaneous, kinaesthetic, gustatory, olfactory and organic.
The current study proposes that amount of evidence boosts the persuasiveness of statistical messages, whereas perceived vividness enhances the persuasiveness of narrative messages.
HD Flexo achieves sharper and more accurate imaging, and ics extended color gamut confers to color intensity and vividness, ensuring print consistency for the whole run length and relies on long-lasting plates.
I was taken with the vividness and formality of the
In this way, the 97 test slides were presented to the participants using 6 descriptor variables (naturalness, variety-complexity, unity, fascination, vividness, meaningfulness).
Speaking with certainty and vividness, he hopes his message will inspire others with what may lie beyond.