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Synonyms for vituperative

Synonyms for vituperative

of, relating to, or characterized by verbal abuse

Synonyms for vituperative

marked by harshly abusive criticism


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These speech-act theory informed perspectives both on racist hate speech (3) and on pornography (4) argue that harm can occur whether the hate speech is expressed in vituperative terms or not, and whether epithets are used or not.
Above all, the book now allows proper access to a vital text that probably most readers know only through secondary accounts and so were unable to appreciate and assess Nicetas's skill at vituperative bias against Photius and unqualified praise for Ignatius.
Alfie constructs a genealogy of the vituperation, in vernacular verse, of sins of incontinence (the primary target for vituperative poetry in this analysis) from the poeti giocosi (Rustico Filippi in particular), through to Dante's own texts.
Verma expressed regret over his vituperative outburst against Mulayam after the Prime Minister read the riot act to him for angering the 22- member SP at a time when it has become indispensable for the UPA- II government.
Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary" delivers a political discourse Inspired by its subject and espoused by leftwing writers, actors, educators and activists, with the opposition represented only by man-on-the-street grumblings and vituperative Fox News coverage.
In Dante's Tenzone with Forese Donati: The Reprehension of Vice, Fabian Alfie explores, through close reading, the historical and literary importance of Dante's agonistic exchange of vituperative sonnets with Forese Donati.
London, Nov 13 ( ANI ): After more than a decade of 'one of the most gloriously vituperative literary feuds of recent times,' Indian-origin author Salman Rushdie and popular writer John le Carre have reconciled.
A typical example was in Nottingham where a Conservative parliamentary candidate was vituperative in her comments.
Therefore, I will keep a weather eye on how the authorities deal with a story in the GDN, 'Al Asala condemns cleric for inciting hate' (January 22), about the reportedly vituperative, hatred-stirring address on Friday by Al Wefaq cleric Shaikh Isa Qassim.
The vituperative remarks were made by Abdel-Moneim Shahat, a leading Salafist standing for Parliament.
Yet even when she exhausts her vituperative repertoire, or is just plain tired, Henry does an attaboy job of mucking things up all by himself.
And yet, you can't help getting the feeling that while he's vituperative about Jeremy Clarkson, the personable Smith is actually rather happy with life in general.
In a vituperative attack on the Chancellor, Lord Ashdown said his strategy "stinks of the same odour which has surrounded our politics recently" and accused him of hiding the facts from voters.
Separately, we have already conveyed our concerns about vituperative statements being made from within India about participation of Pakistan's cricket team, she added.
Fine, but 48 hours later (after various vituperative comments raged across both old and new media), he abruptly cancelled the initiative.