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in a caustic vitriolic manner


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It's hard to get consensus on anything big when you're fighting each other as vitriolically as the parties were.
John Behan, was vitriolically anti-Parnellite in the 1890s.
One Newmarket trainer's wife has been complaining vitriolically that "all trainers are being tarred with the same brush", an observation that simply isn't true given this paper's insistence on repeating that a large number of trainers do more than their level best to look after those they employ.
66) The move to include a conscience clause to exempt Catholic institutions was rejected vitriolically by one member of the Council.
In essence, this is because as MacDonald and Coffield (1991) vitriolically suggest:
Some examples: total abstinence from alcohol has some merits as a "health practice," but any values toward total health are quickly negated when the abstainer must vitriolically reject those who differ with him and spend his energies pointing up the negative results of drinking.