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Synonyms for vitriol

(H2SO4) a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide

abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will

expose to the effects of vitriol or injure with vitriol

Related Words

subject to bitter verbal abuse

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But there is nothing sound or rational about a one-sided presentation full of distortions, omissions, and vitriol.
Despite a fantastic performance of a blistering set, My Vitriol were always going to be playing second fiddle to Welsh rockers Feeder.
He bristles with vitriol as he points out that transit links have been cancelled, low-income neighborhoods have been violated by 50-foot ramps that were supposed to be underground, and park expansions have fallen by the wayside.
It's difficult to know whether the victims of O'Hara's faggy wit and cruelty were selected because (consciously or not) he recognized himself in them, but one can't help noting that's often the impetus behind such unbridled vitriol.
From the very start of Fags Out, The Kinks influence is obvious, employing a jaunty musical feel with a lyrical narrative full of humour and not a little vitriol.
Avoiding the vitriol, Ostrom praises Feduccia's study even though it disproves Ostrom's contention that Archaeopteryx' claws were poorly designed for perching.
The city Czech vitriol as awarding a founder Elementary School Czech vitriol, Green 153, 552 04 Czech vitriol must provide school meals under the Education Act and this is ensured: school cafeterias, Na Kamenci 223, 552 03 Czech vitriol.
A torrent of abuse and vitriol has led to the teenager going into hiding, and his mum said she and his brother and sister are too frightened to leave their own house which is being guarded by police.
Labour MSP Patricia Ferguson said: "If this is how the SNP treat their supporters, it probably explains the special vitriol they reserve for anyone who disagrees with them.
HISTORIC: Williamson Square, Liverpool She said it was indeed a scar from an occasion when a woman tried to disfigure her by throwing vitriol in her face.
But I do know that he has been heavily punished and that some of the vitriol aimed at him since he was fined pounds 25,000 by the RFU last week was unnecessarily cruel.
In issuing a public apology so soon after the final whistle at Upton Park last Saturday and being the father of a young child himself, Rooney understands the general vitriol.
Scharner has a history of creating colours for his barnet, and his black and white number for a recent friendly received most vitriol.
I CAN'T believe the vitriol that is being poured on the One Park West building by certain sectors of the architectural community.
Their vitriol said more about Messrs Hemming and Latham than it does about the Christian faith.