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change into glass or a glass-like substance by applying heat

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undergo vitrification

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After verifying the furnace's stable operation, the company will begin an actual test to vitrify high-level radioactive liquid waste.
In its March 1994 report "Management and Disposition of Excess Weapons Plutonium," the committee recommends two options: Reuse plutonium as fuel in existing or modified nuclear reactors, or vitrify the material, making reuse extremely difficult.
told a press conference that the scheduled completion has been postponed again due to problems involving an experiment to vitrify high-level radioactive liquid waste.
The plant itself will be used to feed, condition, and vitrify highly radioactive liquid waste, demanding the use of the most sophisticated chemical, instrumentation/control and mechanical engineering techniques.
The planned California facility would vitrify waste feedstocks such as steel mill dusts, blast media residuals, and wastewater treatment sludges to produce nonhazardous glass ceramic materials for making abrasives, architectural materials and roofing tile granules.
Scientists have yet to successfully vitrify biological samples that couldn't already be cryopreserved by conventional means.