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They are trying to vitiate the atmosphere in UP over trivial issues," the UP minister said.
New Energy added the principle to the discriminatory-tax-bar landscape that reciprocity will not vitiate otherwise facial discrimination.
He developed a highly original and effective method of indirect communication that included the use of pseudonyms, which was one way for him to vitiate the philosophical fantasy that the truth that is a way in life can be broadcast and memorized.
The historical errors and distortions that follow from this omission vitiate the book.
From a preventive standpoint, enterprise risk management's greatest benefit is the development of an ability to anticipate and prepare for risk issues before they vitiate a company's value proposition.
Narrowly construed from the tax perspective, Transpac makes clear that a serious conflict of interest on the part of a TMP, at least one instigated by the IRS, may vitiate actions purportedly carried out in his representative capacity.
As to the alleged "acceptance," the Court found that the return of the uncashed checks, without unreasonable delay following discovery of the clerical error, was an inadvertent act, which did not vitiate the predicate notices to the proceeding.
This, in turn, would vitiate the uniqueness of our claim to attention and the justification for our impulse to prevail.
announced that the Internal Revenue Service has agreed to vitiate its opinion that held that some veterans' benefits are subject to federal income tax.
He termed this as a ploy of the Congress party in order to vitiate the election atmosphere.
The Pakistan Army, he said, was " exercising restraint but this should in no way be used as a pretext for levelling such baseless allegations that vitiate prospects of regional peace.
About Indian drone intrusion into Pakistan borders, he said Pakistan has lodged strong protest with India on violation of Pakistan borders by its drone and warned such incidents can prove detrimental for the efforts being launched in the perspective of friendly relations between the two countries and it can vitiate the conducive atmosphere for the possible meeting between the two premiers.
All of the T shareholders pledge their AC stock to a third party and receive cash: A pledge is not a "disposition" and therefore should not vitiate continuity of shareholder interest.
Frequently, owners have been forced to bear the time and expense of bringing tenants to court based upon their failure to renew, only to have the court vitiate the owner's rights by creating extended renewal period for the tenant.
Modi's rally on these dates may vitiate the atmosphere," an officer said.