vitamin pill

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a pill containing one or more vitamins

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Green Cross, a vaccine maker, recently hit big with its vitamin pill called B-Max.
In addition, there may be some phytonutrients that are unique to vegetables that we don't even know about yet and that aren't in vitamin pills.
He mentioned drugs he had to help him sleep and also some 'Es' - which were actually just vitamin pills.
It's a "naturally flavored ready to drink meal"--that is, if you think of water, sugar, soy protein, juice, fruit puree, gums, and a vitamin pill as a meal.
can be swallowed by a patient like a vitamin pill and is capable of transmitting images of the patient's body while traveling through the intestines, until it is excreted naturally and painlessly.
It makes products such as the vitamin pill Viton-Hi ECB2 and the Shin Sankyo Ichoyaku stomach medicine.
People are paying as much as 20 cents per bowl for something that is basically just a vitamin pill," he adds.
Summary: Mumbai [India], June 16 (ANI): World's smallest pacemaker, which is as big as the size of a vitamin pill with advanced pacing technology, has been successfully implanted in the heart of a 78-year-old at a hospital in Mumbai.
The latest example is a vitamin pill linked to prostate cancer.
One box of frozen spears has only 68 calories and 9 grams of protein, yet it is like a vitamin pill, giving you a variety of minerals such as selenium, zinc, calcium, copper, and manganese.
Scientists recently devised a disposable flash camera only slightly larger than a vitamin pill.
You also get the same vitamins and minerals that you'd find in a vitamin pill.
Patients gulp down a capsule the size of a big vitamin pill which contains the deflated balloon.
Patients are required to swallow Obalon as a capsule the size of a large vitamin pill which contains the deflated balloon.