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a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for normal reproduction

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Many animal studies have suggested that vitamin E could prevent cancer, but human clinical trials following up on those findings have not shown the same benefits.
3,4 Unlike most antioxidants, however, vitamin E doesn't stop there.
The increase in risk became evident after extended follow-up in SELECT (Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial), a large international study that was discontinued earlier than planned, in 2008, because an interim analysis showed that neither vitamin E nor selenium supplements reduced the risk of prostate cancer.
The 35,533 men enrolled in the study at 427 sites were randomly assigned to receive oral selenium (200 mcg/day) plus placebo, vitamin E (400 IU/day) plus placebo, both active agents, or two placebos, and were followed for a median of 5.
With attention to high cost of refined vegetable oil and successful results with dietary supplementation of semi-refined rice oil for broilers [10], aim of this study was to investigation on effects of dietary supplemented semi-refined sunflower oil (as common dietary oils in poultry nutrition) with vitamin E (as anti-oxidant agent) on some of biochemical (total cholesterol, triglyceride, glucose, uric acid, albumen and total protein) and immunological measures (heterophile, lymphocyte count and H/L ratio) in laying hens.
Choose Minimally Processed Tropical Oils As a Source of Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a generic term for a class of molecules called tocopherols, the most physiologically ubiquitous being alpha-tocopherol (see illustration on p.
The CRN president said she agreed with the study's authors that more research is needed, but noted there are a number of clinical trials now underway, including one involving more than 34,000 men that is evaluating whether vitamin E and selenium can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
Researchers recently looked at the occurrence of AD in more than 4,700 men and women, aged 65 and older, and found that those taking a vitamin E supplement (more than 400 International Units a day) and vitamin C (at least 500 milligrams a day) suffered less AD.
through hair mineral analysis, we know that vitamin E raises sodium in the body, through action on the adrenal cortex and aldosterone secretion.
In addition to the protection, vitamin E didn't reduce its effectiveness.
Food Safety Consortium scientists have found that vitamin E helps turkeys resist infection from this bacterium because it increases their white blood cell count.
But some experts worry that the trial is testing the wrong kind of selenium and vitamin E.
Rimm and his associates at Harvard Medical School, Boston, prospectively examined the relationship of vitamin E supplements and coronary heart disease in 38,884 health professionals in the ongoing Physicians' Health Study The participants ranged in age from 40 to 75 years at baseline and were free of diagnosed car diovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.