vitamin A

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any of several fat-soluble vitamins essential for normal vision

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At least some of these lesions are reminiscent of vitamin A deficiency although controversially, others are reminiscent of vitamin A excess (e.
Chapter 6 is concerned with the stellate cells of the liver where vitamin A is stored.
After oral vitamin A treatment was successful in a patient with a radiation-induced anal ulcer, Dr.
There were 11 participants in the vitamin A group and 9 in the placebo group.
Cooking increases vitamin A content, because beta-carotene is released when heat breaks down cell walls.
But to do that, we have to know precisely how vitamin A will act when the immune system of an otherwise healthy person is challenged by a particular disease organism.
Sipes and his co-workers compared that damage to what they saw in animals who received up to 250,000 international units of vitamin A (retinol) per kilogram of body weight daily
All fat-soluble derivatives of vitamin A are toxic in large doses; water-soluble compounds are less so and thus might be administered more liberally.
Stich and his co-workers report that weekly ingestion of 200,000 international units (IU) of vitamin A caused leukoplakia shrinkage in 12 of the 21 study participants given the vitamin alone.