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  • verb

Synonyms for vitalize

to make alive

to give or impart vitality and energy to (someone or something)

Synonyms for vitalize

give life to


Related Words

make more lively or vigorous

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Vitalize Consulting Solutions provides clinical, business, and information technology solutions for healthcare enterprises in the United States and Canada.
Country: , USASector: IT/Online ServicesTarget: Vitalize Consulting Solutions Inc (VCS)Buyer: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)Type: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
The policy, which will be listed as a key measure of the "program for vitalizing the stock market" being drafted by the FSC, is another major effort of the government to vitalize the stock market, following the increase of the ceiling for intraday trading via margin trading and short sales.
As part of the Vitalize Fairfax organization, Tuttle had to make sure merchants, property owners and architects agreed on ways to stop the decay.
They match up perfectly with Jamba Juice's mission of making products that vitalize consumers' lives with all of the natural health and energy benefits of fruit.
Samsung will continue to create solutions that vitalize and enrich your lifestyle," said Mr.
Crucial Conversations(R), the company's flagship product series (including The New York Times best-selling book of the same title -- McGraw-Hill 2002) delivers a set of influence tools that vitalize companies, strengthen teams, improve communities and enrich relationships.
As official partners of the NEXT Tech Tour, the following publications and organizations will work with Imark Communications to inform, educate and help vitalize technology communities across the country.
CEC was established in 1989 under the jurisdiction of China's State Central Enterprises Working Committee with a mandate to vitalize and develop China's information industry.
in November 1997 to vitalize her research in semiconductor optoelectronics into practical leading-edge products.