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the state of being vitalized and filled with life

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At a time when the government's indigenist policies are under scrutiny, the authors attempted to answer the question of to what extent the federal government is fostering cultural preservation and the vitalization of local cultures, and to what extent is it promoting assimilation of indigenous cultural activists into mainstream society.
com) has launched a wireless communication product of a new concept - a separable wireless router - for the first time in Korea, leading the vitalization of wireless data communication.
Packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, Masafi Juice comes in three juice concepts to cater to three distinct need-states leading to their juice consumption - rejuvenation, vitalization and a want of energy.
The reason for Yamaha Motor's participation in this project is to further research on the relationship between motorcycle riding and brain stimulation in the context of the Ryuta Kawashima Laboratory's studies in the area of "Smart Aging Society" and hopefully connect it to vitalization of the motorcycle market.
The ROTC Vitalization Act of 1964 expanded the program and extended it to all four military services.
University Hospitals in the Kingdom are currently witnessing an era of vitalization towards technology and science through the initiation of electronic transactions, aiming at elevating the efficiency of their medical services.
Red Hat cooperates with Jboss in product promotion and vitalization technology promotion.
Indeed life's vitalization today appears less and less brought on by prosthetic models and more the result of the selection of those genes that are seen as valuable and prized in a logic of the market.
Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Kunio Hatoyama released the plan, a centerpiece of his regional vitalization package, at a news conference.
A stunning, powerful phrase, intense vitalization, one that makes me think of God breathing life into dust, or (to take an unholy example) of Dr.
It's part of a neighbourhood vitalization project, started by the neighbours here who want to see the character of the neighbourhood change," Van Rosendaal says.
Vitalization Act, directed establishment of the Office of
the next morning chiefly to attract businesspeople for regional economic vitalization.
JCT: Well, storytelling should be a big part of the vitalization of historical issues on screen.