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the state of being vitalized and filled with life

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Also, by not having any influences on the vitalization of the DNA bindings on p65 and p50, which were induced by LPS, it did not get involved in the transcriptional activation that relies on NF-[kappa]B.
12,13) In these cases, conventional plate osteosynthesis requires excessive dissection through injured soft tissue envelop and compression of plate to the bone and relies on friction at the bone plate interface and thereby causes compression of periosteal blood supply and de vitalization of bone fragments.
He directed for rehabilitation of Regional Information Offices with minimum essential staff and appointment of PROs for ministers in the first stage and then focusing on vitalization of the department in phased manner as well as asked for prompt actions in this respect and submitting a comprehensive report with all recommendations through Chief Secretary.
Memorandum of Cooperation on the Vitalization of Intergovernmental Economic Policy
Eventually, both types commonly consider the debate of policy and regulation with similar services occurring due to the appearance of smart TV; on the other hand, it reflects the situation of the current Korean market, as they are in conflict with a question of an asymmetric regulation or a vitalization of the new smart media market.
As the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme was introduced in Japan, renewable-energy businesses are showing signs of vitalization.
If the Osaka-based midsize steelmaker's condition worsens further, it could lead to a loss of many jobs, greatly impacting on the local economy, said an official of the Regional Economy Vitalization Corp.
The 2012 Smart Work Excellence Awards, held in Seoul on January 13, recognized companies who have adopted efficient and smart work cultures, with the aim of promoting MOPAS' key mandate to support the Korean Government's Smart Work Vitalization Strategy.
Known today as LTC, the course was born from the ROTC Vitalization Act of 1964.
What happened in Kurdistan is an expression of vitalization of the Kurdish society," he noted.
Non-bank finance will also be developed through the vitalization of the financial market and reinforcement of its role in financing companies by encouraging companies to go public in accordance with the rules of transparency and good governance in force.
com) has launched a wireless communication product of a new concept - a separable wireless router - for the first time in Korea, leading the vitalization of wireless data communication.
Packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, Masafi Juice comes in three juice concepts to cater to three distinct need-states leading to their juice consumption - rejuvenation, vitalization and a want of energy.
The reason for Yamaha Motor's participation in this project is to further research on the relationship between motorcycle riding and brain stimulation in the context of the Ryuta Kawashima Laboratory's studies in the area of "Smart Aging Society" and hopefully connect it to vitalization of the motorcycle market.
University Hospitals in the Kingdom are currently witnessing an era of vitalization towards technology and science through the initiation of electronic transactions, aiming at elevating the efficiency of their medical services.