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a hypothetical force to which the functions and qualities peculiar to living things are sometimes ascribed

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This vital principle of self-restraint has not stopped China from converting seven rocks or reefs it occupies in the Spratlys into islands, capable of sustaining not only civilian life but even military operations.
He describes it as the vital principle that connects all creation: We cannot understand who we are without understanding how we relate to others, "I belong to the community, therefore I am.
President Trump understands this vital principle, and we urge him to remind those in Congress who do not.
In this regard, His Royal Highness recalled the peaceful values of Islam that enshrine community cohesion as a vital principle for all human societies.
INT 'The wind, your vital principle, roars once and again towards the sky' (RV 7.
III, Hamilton observed, "A sacred respect for the constitutional law is the vital principle, the sustaining energy, of a free government.
Obama has dismantled a vital principle with one executive order and he will rightly pay a high political price for doing so.
Religious freedom (which, I might note, includes the right to reject all faiths) is a vital principle of American life.
A further vital principle is at stake: the way our national legislature is elected should not be a matter for English MPs and the unelected lords and bishops next door.
Such a process would affirm the principle of national self-determination -- a vital principle that foreign-imposed statehood and indigenous autocracies have long denied ordinary men and women in the Arab world.
Humility is a most vital principle in effective leadership.
11, namely the generation of (inferior) living creatures, not on the basis of sexual reproduction, but by inclusion of a vital principle in a pneuma-containing natural residue.
This is a vital principle of the veterinary profession that can be broken only where animal welfare would be compromised.
For a free church in a free country, this vital principle must be fiercely protected Communications must be transparent, timely and accurate not only in bishops' enclaves where policy is propagated, but also all the way down the Anglican hierarchy to parish grassroots.
While opening the door to a positive, strength-based approach to helping youth, the book reinforces a vital principle that tribal communities have embraced for centuries--every child is precious, and even those who are lost and marginalized can and should be reclaimed by society.