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Liver failure Due to infection and excessive alcoholism, this vital organ may fail.
If the breast cancer goes to a vital organ and treatment isn't effective, the time from diagnosis to dying can be very short.
In this article, we argue that it is time both to face honestly the fact that our current practices of vital organ donation violate the dead donor rule, and to provide a coherent alternative ethical account of these practices that does not depend on this norm.
Yes, but only after it has ceased to be a vital organ.
The benefits to early stage heart patients may include reduction of heart size and recovery of vital organ function.
In this way, President Bush's military commissions would serve as a bridge to a permanent UN terror tribunal -- a vital organ in an endless, UN-directed "war on terrorism.
Heck, there's probably an Oakland Athletics fan at the top of some list of willing vital organ donors all set to help out Jose Canseco when the time comes.
Liberty (Liz Vassey), despite her own obsessive attentions to her biological clock, easily strikes another emotion of an altogether different sort into the - well, not hearts, but another vital organ, of men, particularly that of Bat Manuel (Nestor Carbonell), the gloriously vain womanizer who delights in ``rescuing'' women, repeatedly, over the course of an evening.
Shivan chatted eagerly about getting her new heart, said CHP Officer George White, who rushed mother and daughter to the hospital Monday after the call came that the vital organ had been found.
Alternately, trilobites may have had a vital organ on their left side.
Vital organ donation is considered only when all efforts to save the patient's life have failed and the patient is brain dead.
com)-- Artificial Vital Organs and Medical Bionics Market Analysis and Forecast 2013-2020, estimates the global artificial vital organs and medical bionics market to reach nearly USD 35 Billion in 2020 owing to high prevalence of organ failure cases and organ transplantation procedures, at a CAGR of 7.
The 16-year-old victim was hit on the shoulder with the pellet, which narrowly missed vital organs, and remains in hospital.
But, two families in Kerala have done just that, donating vital organs of their dear ones while mouring their demise.
Doctors who conducted the autopsy on the body said the absence of the vital organs made the postmortem examination to determine the cause of Sarabjit's death inconclusive.