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a joke whose effect is achieved by visual means rather than by speech (as in a movie)


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All of which makes it important that the current campaign to persuade the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to protect what is left of Spiegelhalter's little shop should succeed, letting it survive not only as a supreme visual joke but also as a potent symbol of protest against the arrogance of architects, planners and developers.
It's all for the sake of one visual joke and it is mighty uncomfortable.
Oddly enough, we are wearing similar outfits - beige linen shirts and white T-shirts - and Iglesias makes the most of this hilarious visual joke by beginning to strip off.
Lawrence threatens Beverly with a knife and a very small man threatening a much bigger woman is a visual joke.
Never one to shy away from a cheap visual joke, The Mirror is delighted to find some more lookalikes on the web.
The well-padded Klump, portrayed with a rumbly deep voice and the kind of good humor and sensitivity one doesn't expect from Murphy, is the movie's most winning element and best visual joke.
You could suggest there's a sinister side to it with the headless ostrich, but I think it's just a good visual joke.
Smaller studies, visual jokes and painterly observations about environmental changes stud the exhibition, which runs from September 1 to 28.
But, as ever, the plot is secondary to all manner of tongue-in-cheek gags and side-splitting visual jokes.
4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Honda is launching five days of continuous "Summer Cheerance" by spreading an abundance of smile-inducing videos, memes, GIFs and visual jokes via social media, as well as hosting events from Mon.
As the brochure says: ''The film uses beautifully executed visual jokes to tell the story of a man's doomed attempts to build a flat-pack house for his bride.
Sly visual jokes and rich detail are crammed into every water-logged frame, including a Buzz Lightyear action figure in the dentist''s office.
In the 1930s, assemblage artist Joseph Cornell found a 1911 French handbook of agricultural practices; he altered many pages of the handbook with his own whimsical collages, drawings, hand-colored engravings, cut-outs, fold-outs, visual jokes, and French puns.
There are lots of visual jokes for readers to discover, like the real rabbits chewing on a gigantic topiary carrot.
I try and break it up with surprising entrances and surprising exits, big visual jokes.
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