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a joke whose effect is achieved by visual means rather than by speech (as in a movie)


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All of which makes it important that the current campaign to persuade the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to protect what is left of Spiegelhalter's little shop should succeed, letting it survive not only as a supreme visual joke but also as a potent symbol of protest against the arrogance of architects, planners and developers.
Counting, spotting, colour naming and visual joke activities are in abundance.
Bearded Aussie Clark talked about Scots drunkards before falling spectacularly to the floor as part of the visual joke.
Oddly enough, we are wearing similar outfits - beige linen shirts and white T-shirts - and Iglesias makes the most of this hilarious visual joke by beginning to strip off.
Lawrence threatens Beverly with a knife and a very small man threatening a much bigger woman is a visual joke.
Paul will explore the world of the visual joke book through Shandy Hall on 01347 868465.
It's all for the sake of one visual joke and it is mighty uncomfortable.
Never one to shy away from a cheap visual joke, The Mirror is delighted to find some more lookalikes on the web.
The well-padded Klump, portrayed with a rumbly deep voice and the kind of good humor and sensitivity one doesn't expect from Murphy, is the movie's most winning element and best visual joke.
Darrin (Brad Beyer) seems serious about writing plays but is a bit too willing to sell out for an advertising job that provides pic with its only visual joke.
You could suggest there's a sinister side to it with the headless ostrich, but I think it's just a good visual joke.
Though these segs are sure to offend some, Barney's way of showing that Gilmore was "infected" with the Mormon seed turns out to be the film's funniest visual joke.
Brodie is talked about for most of the play but only brought onstage at the eleventh hour, to end up the butt of a visual joke that the Stoppard of "Arcadia" and "The Invention of Love" seems well beyond.
The patch of grass as decorative touch is a delicious visual joke.
The physicality works well, with visual jokes based on Cousin Julio being a foot taller than the shortstop protagonist Jackie.
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