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Synonyms for visor

the projecting rim on the front of a cap


Synonyms for visor

a piece of armor plate (with eye slits) fixed or hinged to a medieval helmet to protect the face

a brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes

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Here are some of the key highlights of the Smart Sun Visor invention:
I read with a great deal of interest your article on aftermarket visors in the February 2016 issue of Aviation Consumer.
When Visorcat is wiped the other way the flap stays closed and the wiper blades dry the newly-washed visor.
Of these, 44 (59%) did not wear the visor for the following reasons: 12 (28%) of the 44 complained that the visor was uncomfortable and fogged up during surgery; 3 (7%) operations were performed using an operating microscope and the surgeons could not wear the visors; 10 (23%) surgeons wore prescription glasses and thought that these were sufficient protection during surgery and complained that wearing a visor over these would be uncomfortable; 5 (11%) surgeons wore magnification loupes and thought that wearing the visor would be uncomfortable; and 14 (32%) surgeons forgot to wear the visor during surgery.
With the feathers laid out in fanned tail order, coat the rough side of the visor base with glue (Photo E).
Under the promotion flying club members who travel round-trip once in Upper Class or twice in Premium Economy from the USA to London between 1 March and 30 June 2000 will receive a complimentary Handspring Visor Deluxe.
99, the SIRIUS One and XACT Visor Plug & Play units are the easiest and least expensive way for consumers to access SIRIUS content in their car this holiday season.
The lowly aircraft sun visor isn't really a safety accessory until you have to land on runway 27 an hour before sunset on a summer evening.
A draft resolution canceling the license has been prepared and has been submitted for approval of the Government, Visor CEO Michael Sauer said at the press conference in AKIpress today.
Closer look at visors: Palffy's jaw injury was caused when an errant shot struck his visor, which dug into the side of his face.
The newest arrivals to the Visor family of handheld computers are the Visor Neo and the Visor Pro.
WASHINGTON -- eMagin Corporation (AMEX:EMA), a leader in virtual imaging technology, is showcasing its displays, subsystems, and recently announced Z800 3D Visor at the Naval Submarine League Annual Symposium.
LAST week we looked at the record of Flat sires' progeny in first-time blinkers or a visor, so, with the jumps season gathering pace, now seems an appropriate time to turn our attention to the performance of jumps sires' offspring when wearing blinkers or a visor for the first time.
As it always seems to, the aftermarket has provided a better solution in the form of several transparent sun visor products made for a variety of general aviation airplanes.