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an important or distinguished visitor

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DVD Extras: Reinstated footage from the Visiting Firemen episode, introductions by various guest stars, This Is Your Life extract from 1976, Evening News Awards clip from 1977, The Sweeney Annual 1977 PDF.
Too many people equate public relations with the practice of entertaining visiting firemen with dinner and drinks.
When the visiting firemen pulled out of Oklahoma City a month after the bombing, the Associated Press' strategy for keeping aggressive, day-today coverage of the story alive pretty much boiled down to two words Paul Queary.
Their merits are worth debating the next time you take visiting firemen to see the city's sights.
From an educational point of view, the visiting firemen were all distinguished in their fields: a BBC producer to talk about broadcasting, a politician to talk of the history of Wales, a famous international to talk about rugby football, an entertainer on entertaining, a don on medieval poets and, undoubtedly the star attraction, the future Welsh coach Clive Rowlands addressing the assembled company on 'Rugby Motivation'.
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