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the right granted by a court to a parent (or other relative) who is deprived of custody of a child to visit the child on a regular basis

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It is further argued that the current perception of visitation rights as parental rights and the attempts to resolve the dilemmas prompted by visitation within a parental rights context thwart the development of a theory of visitation.
He said that even if the visitation rights were suspended, the families and relatives are still allowed to hand over food to the inmates.
One stumbling from my point of view, in the way of an amicable arrangement over visitation rights, is Ms.
He doesn't have to be divorced to get visitation rights.
My application seeking visitation rights is still pending.
EDEK deputy Koula Mavronikola said that in cases of ignoring court orders over visitation rights it can take two years for the court to reach a decision, whereas when it comes to alimony the non-compliant parent is jailed instantly.
In addition, he asked how it was possible for GE-ndeE- to visit Zarrab three times within 15 days while other prisoners and detainees are not granted such visitation rights.
Three Ohio college students presented a petition to the Ohio state legislature demanding that the state prohibit men who have been convicted of rape from suing women they assaulted for visitation rights to children born as a result of their crimes.
Contract notice: Services to enter into a contract of training orders in the area family - child - youth for the northern department, lot 3: visitation rights in child protection.
He also pointed out that the department has recently succeeded in obtaining a court order to grant one of the parents visitation rights to his child.
The source said that that the former Swedish model is "angry Tiger even has visitation rights to the kids.
The Legislature has taken up a bill that would increase the number of extended-family members who can sue for visitation rights if they believe a parent has put a child's well-being at risk.
Further, the 25 prisoners called on the government to act immediately to secure monthly, regular and constant visitation rights by their families and send a medical team to check on all prisoners.
3) In the latest clash over grandparent visitation rights, Floridians who are activated, deployed, or temporarily assigned to military service can now designate to grandparents their timesharing rights over the objections of a fit parent.
The arrangement is believed to allow him "generous" visitation rights.