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Synonyms for visionary

Synonyms for visionary

characterized by foresight

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

given to daydreams or reverie

showing a tendency to envision things in perfect but unrealistic form

a person inclined to be imaginative or idealistic but impractical

Synonyms for visionary

a person given to fanciful speculations and enthusiasms with little regard for what is actually possible

not practical or realizable

References in classic literature ?
My spiritual conscience requireth from me that it should be so--that I should know one thing, and not know all else: they are a loathing unto me, all the semi-spiritual, all the hazy, hovering, and visionary.
I made that wild escape into something visionary, and have slowly found out how wild it was.
We, who have no such optical powers, are better pleased to take our last parting look at the visionary companions of many solitary hours, when the brief sunshine of the world is blazing full upon them.
Carolyn April, CompTIA's senior director for industry analysis, was among 20 people honored as a Visionary Channel Player.
Over 20 Awards to be presented for exemplary best practices and visionary leadership
Ironshore International announced the acquisition of Visionary Underwriting Agency based in Dubai, effectively completed in December 2014.
com)-- Visionary iGaming, the premium supplier of Live Dealer casino games, has announced that is has gone live with JuegaEnLinea across Latin American markets.
The Regional Institute for Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights (RIG/DPR) held a three days preparation workshop for a short course training programme on "African Visionary Leadership (AVL)" between 25th-27th of March, 2011.
The nomination process for the prestigious 2011 Visionary Award is now open to the global nonwovens and consumer products industries.
Tactical and Stylish" is the theme behind the Visionary folders.
But it is only a singing crystal you hear, or your mind tuning to a singing crystal--as fit a metaphor as you need for the visionary potential of crystal solids such as LSD.
Urstadt was speaking before a gathering of public and private industry leaders at the University Club, where he received the First Annual Award for Visionary Leadership in Real Estate given by the Steven L.
In pushing the subway proposal, LaBonge said Thursday, ``Let's be visionary.
The Visionary Moment engages us in a similar rethinking of key literary and cultural issues (representation, visionarism, subjectivity, truth) within a sophisticated theoretical and analytical framework.
Ultimately, Lauret seeks to validate Walker as a womanist writer and as a cultural and political activist who continues to style herself as a visionary for a new age.