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a phonetic alphabet invented by Melville Bell in the 19th century

spectrogram of speech

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Young Alec spent much of his own childhood serving as a prop for his father's public demonstrations of Visible Speech or responding to his frequent challenges to his sons to invent devices like a "speaking machine.
He spent his days teaching the deaf and his nights on his inventions, all the while fending off his own father, who wondered what this telegraph nonsense had to do with Visible Speech, and his mother, who wanted to redirect her son's energies back to his true vocation, improving the lot of the deaf.
The authors claim that these findings refute an auditory dominance model of speech perception, which assumes that the contribution of visible speech is dependent on poor-quality audible speech.
Its success is consistent with the view that writing is visible speech, which makes the method logical as well as in tune with empirical evidence (DeFrancis, 1989).