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the distribution of colors produced when light is dispersed by a prism

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Some of the most aesthetically pleasing views of Mars are provided by the Wratten 30 magenta filter, which transmits both red and blue light at the opposite ends of the visible spectrum while blocking yellow-green wavelengths, simultaneously enhancing the contrast of surface and atmospheric features.
However, a blue laser works at a wavelength of 405nm, which is far from the red part of the visible spectrum.
Conventional mirrors contain a silvery layer that reflects a broad range of light, including the entire visible spectrum.
The book is organized by both the hues of the visible spectrum and the influence of color in physics and chemistry, the universe, Earth, plants, animals, and humans.
The series of spectrophotometers includes Model 6700, which covers the visible spectrum and has a 4-nm bandwidth, and Models 6705 and 6715, which cover the UV/Vis range of the spectrum and have a 4-nm and 1.
Here's why: These devices produce light on the blue end of the visible spectrum.
The company's transformer-free, full visible spectrum LED lamps are asserted to render the widest range of colors In the objects that we see, without ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation.
Although the second pair of arms can be seen in visible light images as ghostly wisps of gas, as in this image, they are even more prominent in observations made outside of the visible spectrum, such as those using X-ray or radio waves.
1 the second row of sensors, are covering that portion of the visible spectrum, with [lambda] of around 400 nm to 700 nm and a spectral peak of 550 nm inclusive of infrared rejection filters.
This instrument is programmed to take absorbance readings of a single sample at different wavelengths or over a specific period of time, and allows high-speed wavelength scanning across the UV and visible spectrum.
It is well known that nanostructures constructed using metallic particles are capable of supporting surface plasmon modes with resonance frequencies in the visible spectrum [1,2].
MSX adds the detail of real-time visible spectrum images captured by the built-in digital camera to thermal spectrum images, providing extraordinary sharpness, contrast and clarity previously unavailable in thermal imaging, www.
Coat'N'Cool is an architectural coating specially engineered to reflect sun light in the UV, IR and visible spectrum.
Historically, military pilot night vision goggles and imaging systems employ Class A, B and C filters to prevent cockpit lighting from saturating the systems, but these filters reduce the effectiveness of Led lighting sources in the visible spectrum.