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the distribution of colors produced when light is dispersed by a prism

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However, 3M's solution works differently--actively tracking, capturing and transporting the sun's natural, full visible spectrum daylight beyond just the top floor and into the interior spaces of buildings where natural lighting is limited.
The other technology, Ultimate UV390, provides an effective UV barrier allowing less than ten per cent UV light transmission up to 395nm--the edge of the visible spectrum.
Some wonders are outside the visible spectrum, others are too fast, too slow, too small or too remote for our eyes and brains to interpret.
Historically, military pilot night vision goggles and imaging systems employ Class A, B and C filters to prevent cockpit lighting from saturating the systems, but these filters reduce the effectiveness of Led lighting sources in the visible spectrum.
After almost three decades of focusing almost exclusively on radar stealth, the US aerospace industry is exploring new technologies to achieve stealth in the visible spectrum.
Fully multi-coated optics with phase-correction coatings deliver excellent resolution while also increasing light transmission across the visible spectrum.
The next five chapters expand our window stepwise into the Universe, discussing each of the wavelength bands, starting with visible light and moving beyond to both sides of the visible spectrum into the less familiar infrared, ultraviolet, radio/microwaves and X-rays/gamma rays.
This led to the selection of eight specific colours that were spaced equidistantly across the visible spectrum and could be used as a diagnostic set in conjunction with a multi-coloured image that was used for assessment and confirmation of the visual perception changes.
Sunlight, the combination of all wavelengths of the visible spectrum, produces white light and has a color temperature of 4,000 to 5,000 degrees Kelvin.
Much of that light falls within the visible spectrum (that range of energies our eyes use to perceive the world around us), but there is also a fair smattering above and below the visible spectrum, in the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared ranges, respectively.
Nonpolarized light is typically employed and, while the visible spectrum is most commonly used, some instruments also make use of the ultraviolet and near infrared regions.
like colors that the universe concedes to us / from beyond the visible spectrum, so we're willing / to believe in it.
The Satake ScanMaster, model DE sorter, incorporates a unique detection capability that combines inspection in the visible spectrum as well as in the infrared spectrum in a true Bichromatic sort.
Led by Professor Rose Amal and Professor Michael Brungs of the ARC Centre for Functional Nanomaterials, the Australian research group is doping titanium dioxide nanoparticles with other elements such as iron and nitrogen so that they can absorb light at longer wavelengths, and particularly in the visible spectrum.
Cotte's camera uses sensors to detect light from both the visible spectrum and the infrared and ultraviolet ranges invisible to the human eye, allowing him to, in effect, burrow through layers of paint to "see" into the painting's past.