visible horizon

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the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet

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FP5: The supply chain is bounded by the visible horizon of the focal agent.
Sitting on the riverbank beside the cenotaphs, watching the sun take a dip, unwinds your senses -- there's a sense of calm that cities with no visible horizon and constant buzzing of horns and phones cannot provide.
For example, using a planning horizon of one fiscal quarter is like navigating a ship by just looking ahead as far as the eye can see, without knowledge about what things are happening over the visible horizon.
The cultural lighting below us had been enough to keep track with the ground, but the PAC had been forced to maintain an instrument scan because of the AFCS malfunction and the lack of a visible horizon.
We have the opportunity to secure our constitutional position beyond the visible horizon.
It would have been a tough night to fly VFR, though it certainly could have been done, mostly by committing to deviate early and often, and remaining well clear of buildups to ensure a visible horizon.
In attempting to 'ditch' an aircraft at night the pilot is unable to gauge the distance the aircraft is above the water as there is no visible horizon.
These acquisitions are masking much of the systemic problems in the film business, and there is no technology on the visible horizon that will result in the high-margin growth that has occurred in the past like TV, then pay TV, then cable TV, then VHS then DVD.
In short, whether it involved policy, politics or investment-related issues, Hamid pushed NAREIT to go beyond the visible horizon, to extend itself to the next objective and to realize the next achievement.
Serious risks, however, do not necessarily happen within a relatively visible horizon.
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