visible horizon

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the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet

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Where does the visible horizon lie and what are its characteristics?
This attenuation leads to a gradual decrease in visibility as distance increases and a visible horizon of the supply chain that is fuzzy for the focal agent, much as an individual's visibility becomes less clear as he or she peers off into the physical horizon.
A barely visible horizon was made even darker with a strong overcast layer blocking any star or moon light.
The ambient conditions yield no visible horizon and scintillation through the NVGs.
This route takes us toward cultural lighting, thus providing a visible horizon and additional diverts en route, should we have another chip light (we identify the most dangerous hazards, implement controls and make prudent risk decisions).
Utilizing Imatron's EBT scanner gives us the true capacity to practice preventive medicine, and puts the conquest of coronary heart disease on the visible horizon.
It now was dark with a broken cloud cover and a barely visible horizon.
The HAC struggled to bring the aircraft under control while he dealt with spatial disorientation induced by the lack of visible horizon and the swinging load.
If you don't have a visible horizon, you're not VMC--don't kid yourself.
A hazy but visible horizon reassured the front end since all of their attitude sources were useless.
If we couldn't maintain a visible horizon in our condition, our situation could rapidly deteriorate into a bailout scenario.
The conditions were low light, with no natural visible horizon off goggles.
To do so, I would look left and right to check that the wingtips where parallel with the visible horizon.
Despite the lack of visible horizon, I decided to expedite getting airborne; we would take off unaided and goggle-up later while in flight.
It felt exactly the way it feels in the simulator: a hard-to-control aircraft and no visible horizon.
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