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clamped as in a vise

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This is the tradition," he says, wrenching this correspondent's hands in a viselike grip.
Real social or even political change may yet be a long way off, creeping at the glacial pace of tectonic plates, as autocratic elites continue to maintain a viselike grip on power resources.
Far from eating nuts, seeds and other hard foods seemingly suited to its viselike jaws, this now-extinct hominid mainly munched grasses and flowering plants called sedges, which include papyrus, says a team led by geochemist Thure Cerling of the University of Utah.
Here I disagree with Bruce-Novoa's translation of the word "vaisas" as "fists"(1982:19), related to a viselike grip.
But "Three Monkeys" reaches the point of diminishing returns in its final reels, as the tale relaxes its viselike grip and its machinations begin to seem transparent and over-determined in retrospect.
Pregnancy has put Olivia's life in danger, and internal focalization through Edward brings intimate details of the scene to the reader: "The major shivered with apprehension as the slender hand which he held in his own contracted nervously and in a spasm of pain clutched his fingers in a viselike grip" (1).
However, until we break the viselike grip that binds all students to grade levels according to their age, we will all remain captives of a system that fails to explore the role of time in learning.
His experience, meanwhile, shows why it is not desirable: true idealities are viselike idees fixe.
Using the same viselike instrument and bottle of green ink used to tattoo the bear's lip, they put another tattoo in its crotch.
And, finally, rationalizing Sacramento's policies on crime and punishment would put an end to the viselike grip that corrections' officers unions hold on public policy in this area.