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Synonyms for viscous

Synonyms for viscous

having a heavy, gluey quality

Synonyms for viscous

having a relatively high resistance to flow


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having the sticky properties of an adhesive

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In recent years ConocoPhillips and BP have had good success with viscous oil, mitigating the waterflood breakthrough by slowing down the rate of injecting a miscible injectant, a mixture of natural gas liquids, along with a separate alternating injection of water and natural gas.
In order to evaluate results better, two methods of fitting results of equivalent viscous damping, in terms of deformability coefficient for each wall system, was used and shown in figure (9).
This study focuses on quantitative analysis of transient flow of viscous incompressible material from inside of the nozzle to outside into a forming box whose bottom and sides are fixed dimension surfaces while its top is free and makes no restrictions to the free flow of the material.
And snake venom has a very special property to facilitate this effect: Just like ketchup, which becomes significantly more fluid upon shaking, the sheer forces that arise from the suction cause the venom to become less viscous, allowing it to flow through the canal quickly as a result of the surface tension.
Morini, (Morini, 2005) analyzed theoretically the limit of significance for viscous dissipation effects in microchannel flows.
Highly viscous fluids such as polymer melts, polymer solutions, and foods are often transported through closed pipelines.
An orthogonal polynomial model was used to fit the frequency sweep curves for analyzing the elastic viscous moduli of creme fraiche.
They built a scaled-up model of the two-hinge apparatus, powered its arms with a windup spring, and immersed it in thick silicone oil to mimic the viscous conditions of the microworld.
Q Is there a procedure, besides spinning down, for preparing extremely viscous synovial fluids for testing?
Sartomer Company is offering a three-page technical bulletin, "Guidelines for Heating Sartomer's Viscous Monomers/Oligomers and Solids," to provide chemists and operations personnel with critical procedures for the safe heating of solid and viscous monomers and oligomers.
A steel-plate interior wall is inserted into the steel-plate exterior wall's inner space, which is filled with viscous fluid.
70 grams of a viscous fluid bodily waste per square inch of the acceptance element per milliJoule of energy input.
After this crisis, carboxymethylcellulose, polyacrylate rayon (a derivative of wood pulp) and polyester were outlawed for tampons, but viscous rayon can still be used, which concerns some observers.
For example, don't forget to inspect the viscous damper like it says in Para 4.