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Synonyms for viscous

Synonyms for viscous

having a heavy, gluey quality

Synonyms for viscous

having a relatively high resistance to flow


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having the sticky properties of an adhesive

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Photrexa Viscous and Photrexa are photoenhancers indicated for use with the KXL System in corneal collagen cross-linking for the treatment of progressive keratoconus and corneal ectasia following refractive surgery.
If the screw channels are shallow enough, it's possible to melt the polymer largely using viscous dissipation even at very slow speeds.
If the viscous layer's mass transfer rate is high, Aphrons will lost its stability and longevity.
Meanwhile, of the viscous oil that technically and economically can be produced, the levels of production have turned out to be much more modest than were earlier hoped for.
In this case, according to equation (1), values of equivalent viscous damping in each loading cycle are calculated.
5 years who were either given oral viscous lidocaine 2% solution for the treatment of mouth pain or had accidental ingestions.
Keywords: Concrete; metallic fibers; equivalent viscous damping; reverse cyclic loading
BeriValve can be used with all viscous products and even for the dispensing of viscous products containing pieces.
The stirrer also functions to help move viscous material toward the saw-tooth blade and ensure uniform heat distribution.
Even viscous products, such as sauces or sensitive viscous products, like buttermilk or fruit juices with fruit pieces, can be pumped easily and gently with no shearing effect.
Both the text and one of the image legends claims that only extremely viscous lavas could explain the long flows.
The Lindal Group's Truspray technology--now available throughout the Americas--is the first aerosol solution designed to handle the highly viscous formulas used in popular personal care and household product categories, and cut propellant and solvent use by as much as 50%, according to Robert F.
The measurements showed that snake venom is amazingly viscous.
The machine offers continuous foaming of liquids and low viscous pastes and offers product saving by the help of dynamic low shear mixing heads.
As the scale of the systems is decreasing, the effects like thermal properties variation or viscous dissipation influence the thermal and hydrodynamic behavior and could not be neglected.