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Synonyms for viscountcy

the dignity or rank or position of a viscount or viscountess


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the title of a viscount

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Who renounced his viscountcy in an unsuccessful 1963 bid for the Tory leadership?
Their association centered on the strategic political position of Gaston's viscountcy of Bearn as well as his castles of Montcada and Castellvell within the Kingdom of Aragon.
He appealed to Attlee, as Tony Berm would do later on receiving the Stansgate Viscountcy, to allow peers to remain in the House of Commons if they did not also sit in the Lords.
After the 1983 General Election, the Prime Minister gave him a controversial hereditary viscountcy, and he led the House of Lords in the manner of a shop steward looking after the rights of his fellow-peers, protecting them from "over-work" being imposed on them from the House of Commons.
Twenty miles away from Bevan's Tredegar lay the Rhondda Valley and Tonypandy, a name resonant in the Churchill story, home of George Thomas' family and the chosen designation of his viscountcy.