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Synonyms for viscid

having a heavy, gluey quality

Synonyms for viscid

having the sticky properties of an adhesive

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A history of uterine prolapse or retroversion is often noted in these instances and there may be a yellowish, slimy, viscid.
The spider webs found in gardens and garages are made from multiple silk types, but viscid silk and dragline silk are most critical to the integrity of the web.
The in viscid (potential-flow) pressure distributions for the S816 airfoil for various angles of attack are shown in figure 2.
Humphries' fondness for obscure words, such as lacunary, viscid and fuscous, is well indulged here, as is his outrageous, satirical sense of humour.
Humphries's fondness for obscure words, such as lacunary, viscid and fuscous, is well indulged here, as is his outrageous, satirical sense of humour.
The test drug through its anti-inflammatory action resolved the bronchial inflammation and decreased the excessive secretion of mucopurulent sputum, by demulcent action it makes the sputum less viscous, by deobstruent action it dilates the bronchioles and by its expectorant action it removes the less viscid sputum easily thus improving the pulmonary function.
Although recent orientations such as ethnic and embodiment studies are routinely interfused with observations about the state of the world and the diagnosis and amelioration of socio-political ills, the professional pursuit of interpretative fecundity has acted as a nourishing substrate for the depredations of the ontolophage, and has provided an opportunity to inflitrate shopworn "theories" and viscid banalites into tedious and wearisome recensions of the text.
Bromhexine is a mucolytic agent used in the treatment of respiratory disorders associated with viscid or excessive mucus.
Platzer have compared the numerical results for the plunging airfoil obtained with the help of the different methods: with the in viscid incompressible flow, with the hybrid method with the Navier-Stokes equations solved in the boundary layer, and with viscous flow (Tuncer et al.
The effect is of sinking headfirst into an infinite, viscid time-space that induces an almost nightmarish sort of absorption, aided by the composer Becky Allen and filmmaker James Benning's sound track of machinelike humming subtended by pulsating drones.
see Agnarsson 2004) have been described as lacking viscid threads.
The reason that NAC is ineffective may be due to the fact that NAC only affects the mucin polymer structure leaving DNA and debris intact, resulting in secretions that are still viscid.
At such times, Sherman and his officers become powerless to control their men, who undergo a careless "drip by drip depletion of their warblood" as they consume the cities "like some viscid pool of humanity.