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Synonyms for vis-a-vis

one that has the same functions and characteristics as another

Synonyms for vis-a-vis

a person or thing having the same function or characteristics as another

small sofa that seats two people

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La BCT a precise que les tensions sur le taux de change du dinar se sont intensifiees sensiblement, depuis la deuxieme quinzaine du mois d'avril 2017, en induisant une depreciation importante du dinar vis-a-vis des principales devises.
The overall score achieved by Peoples Party in vis-a-vis its government in Sindh stood at 3.
He recalled that in 2013 and 2015 Turkey had sent letters to the Commission and the Council in which it underlined its long-standing rhetoric on the Cyprus problem, declaring that it will not implement the Readmission Agreement and the Roadmap vis-a-vis Cyprus.
Participate in official meetings to ensure maximum visibility vis-a-vis provincial authorities.
Le Conseil d'administration de la BCT, reuni fin janvier 2014, a note l'amelioration qu'a connue la valeur du dinar avec une hausse de 3,3% et 2,5%, enregistree respectivement, contre l'euro et le dollar americain depuis le debut de l'annee en cours, atteignant 2,1947 dinars et 1,6059 a la date du 29 janvier et ce, apres avoir accuse, au terme de l'annee 2013, un repli de 9,7% vis-a-vis de l'euro et 5,8% contre le dollar par rapport a la fin de l'annee derniere.
Le ministere des Affaires etrangeres a affirme sa totale impartialite vis-a-vis de tous les candidats a la presidence, Le ministere des Affaires etrangeres a affirme sa totale impartialite vis-a-vis de tous les candidats a la presidence, dementant certaines allegations vehiculees par certains sites Internet sur la signature d'un certain nombre de membres du personnel du ministere d'un communique demandant a M.
This trust has been damaged vis-a-vis Greece in particular, which is struggling to control its borders with Turkey, the main crossing point for illegal migrants into Europe.
Mr Strauss-Kahn said: "It was a failing, a failing vis-a-vis my wife, my children and my friends but also a failing vis-a-vis the French people.
The rating remains on 'Rating Watch - Developing Status' on account of the continuing shortfall vis-a-vis the regulatory minimum capital requirement.
The variables were labeled college grade levels, male vis-a-vis female, frequency of visits, reasons for visits, pre-diagnostics vis-a-vis post-diagnostics, and declared majors; they were tested for significant differences relating to the measures of language errors.
But consider this observation vis-a-vis what the duo did in terms of the magnitude of their achievement: "The only thing that might come close would be if Nell Armstrong had landed on the moon in a craft he had built himself and paid for with a part-time job.
The long-term development of hardwood pulp supply from Latin America will partially depend on the long-term demand in North America, Europe, and China and the cost position of Brazilian/Chilean suppliers vis-a-vis North American and Southeast Asian producers on the United States and Asian markets
Notwithstanding the agreements among A, X and the unrelated individuals, there is some question as to whether the stock was actually registered in the names of the new shareholders (as is contemplated by the agreements) and a sale actually occurred, or whether the parties' rights vis-a-vis the stock are simply determined by the agreements and common law.
Up to now, the increase in wages and labour costs vis-a-vis the euro area and, more recently, vis-a-vis all trading partners may have largely represented the normal adjustment process, entailing the reversal of earlier trends and a decrease in the Dutch competitive position to more sustainable levels.