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Various antiviral approaches are described including pharmaceuticals and molecular biological therapies such as gene therapy and RNA interference (RNAi) as well as vaccines for virus infections.
The potential therapeutic effect of ginseng in protection against inflammatory viral infection have not been well demonstrated, hence the authors aimed to investigate red ginseng extract (RGE) as a preventative agent in influenza A virus infection.
We report the recurrence of Schmallenberg virus infection in adult cattle, sheep, and a goat in Germany in 2012.
Cardiovascular manifestations associated with influenza virus infection.
Evidence of a causal role of winter virus infection during infancy in early childhood asthma.
Recent studies have shown troubling symptoms such as fatigue, cognitive dysfunction and motor abnormalities can persist for months following West Nile virus infection.
The survey showed that virus infections were more likely to have caused service interruption than other incidents.
The actions came after a 27-year-old woman infected with the virus delivered a full-term infant with cystic cerebral tissue destruction, severe chorioretinitis, and laboratory evidence of congenitally acquired West Nile virus infection.
The Information-Technology Promotion Agency said it received 21,957 virus infection reports in the six-month period, approximately three times the 7,366 reports received in the same period the previous year.
They describe 3 recipients of kidney and/or pancreas grafts who contracted West Nile virus infection, presumably via mosquito bites, during a large outbreak of the disease last summer.
The Internet has provided a medium by which viruses are transmitted from host to host with amazing speed through e-mail, peer-to-peer file sharing, or instant-messaging applications; virus infection has come to take place predominantly through e-mail attachments.
Around half of UK businesses suffered from virus infection or denial of services attacks during the last year, a new survey shows.
Foot-and-mouth virus infection affects a range of cattle including cows, sheep and pigs.
Clinical goals include decreasing the likelihood of persistent virus infection and establishing a clinically significant lower viral load subsequent to infection.
Having struck nearly 2,100 people and killed 98 in the United States so far this year, West Nile virus infection amounts to an epidemic.