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Synonyms for virulent

Synonyms for virulent

extremely destructive or harmful

capable of injuring or killing by poison

Synonyms for virulent

extremely poisonous or injurious

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Using the improved procedure, scientists inoculated chickens with the different vaccines 1 or 2 weeks before exposure to a high dose of virulent NDV.
Contrary to expectations, they found that in both regions the disease had evolved to become more virulent over time.
It's not known whether the pathogenic cells that had been starved before their rejuvenation are more virulent, as virulent, or less virulent than those that have been actively growing and unstarved.
Pathologic, Immunohistochemical and Electron Microscopic Finding in Naturally Occurring Virulent Systemic Feline Calicivirus Infection in Cats.
Of course, there is more here than a virulent outbreak: there are nefarious characters, strange connections with his former professors, an old girlfriend, a corporation using porcine organs for human transplants, and several murders dubbed accidents.
Bird flu specifically is extremely virulent and easily contagious simply from being in proximity to the sick; Bird Flu What To Do does not pretend to have a magic solution to the grim realities of a pandemic, but rather presents all the emergency advice that medical science and common sense have to offer in no-nonsense terms.
There was virulent anti-Irish sentiment in the 1840s and '50s, especially after the failure of the potato crop in Ireland, which killed a million people and drove millions abroad, most of them to the United States.
Other AIDS experts, however, cautioned that HIV could remain virulent for hundreds of years.
31) we noted that a virulent, highly drug-resistant superstrain of HIV had been detected in two American homosexuals.
Essays discuss the virulent hatred spewed by modern individuals such as Ernst Zundel; Christian Hope as a factor in how some Protestants followed Hitler; an "early warning system" that comes as a lesson of the Holocaust; and more.
Of concern to Catholics, however, have been some of Freemasonry's principles, especially secrecy, a rationalist view of religion, solemn oaths, and the virulent anti-Catholic and anticlerical tone adopted by some European Masons.
More virulent, transmissible, and/or drug-resistant viruses seem inevitable unless we do better in preventing the transmission of HIV.
Tanay further dissects with clinical expertise the nature of hared itself, demonstrating that the most virulent hatreds are perpetrated against individuals or groups the hater knows nothing about, or believes fantasies about; hatred is not borne of logic or reason, and therefore rationality is no defense against it.
As we find him in the novel, his latest work, entitled Bitches, has provoked virulent ire and loud protest from women.