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Synonyms for virtuousness

the quality or state of being morally sound

the condition of being chaste

Synonyms for virtuousness

the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong

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Addressing the 'Post Hajj 2016 Workshop' arranged by Hajj Operators Association of Pakistan (HOAP) held here, the minister said 'serving Hajj and Umrah pilgrims was an act of virtuousness and the present government had facilitated the pilgrims during the Hajj 2016 with utmost sincerity'.
The Leadership Odyssey, according to the authors, represents the inner quest and journey to move from darkness to light and from toxicity to virtuousness.
This study explores a recently conceptualized phenomenon of organizational virtuousness and tests its relationship with organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) directly and through mediating role of perceived organizational support (POS).
previously been married to [Hjaec primo Domino Sturtono Lord Stourton the Baron, then Baroni nupserat, deinde Joanni to John Arundell notable at Arundelio vire turn generis that time for the renown of claritate, turn vitae his stock, for the innocentia, fideiq[ue] virtuousness of his life and confessione conspicuo: hie the confession of his faith: enim cum potens esset & this man, in fact, though he popularis e patria sua was powerful & popular was Cornibia Londinum vocatus est, called away from his ibiq[ue] cum tota familia (in fatherland Cornwall into qua erant utriusq[ue] sexus London, and there with all his sexaginta omnes catholici) family (in which there were complures annos detentus est.
It affords one the virtuousness of thinking that you had a salad for lunch even if it came with a ham and cheese sandwich.
for] the virtuousness of his hero" (American Pastoral 213), or legitimized by Nathan's apparently ingenuous confession that he was "a sucker for manly intimacy" (I Married A Communist 233).
One of the purposes of the study is to explore the effect of positive interpersonal work experiences and perceived organizational virtuousness on three vital individual and organizational outcomes: stress levels related to work, perceptions of mental health quality, and the intent to leave jobs.
AL is represented by high moral character, altruism, and virtuousness (Avolio and Gardner, 2005).
The subscales include others' approval, physical appearance, competition with others, academic competence, family love and support, virtuousness, and God's love20.
All these actions, or habits, are often labeled "charity" and considered central to Christianity; but Rebecca Todd Peters (Religious Studies, Elon University) wants to move beyond both the term and the narrow notion of (sometimes complacent) personal virtuousness associated with it:
Their self-indulgent virtuousness cannot see that whatever little influence the USA had in the region was lost because of repeated attempts to bring colour revolutions in country after country.
Certainly the high price Wolfgang's family pays for the ostensible virtuousness of its back-to-the-land existence--namely, poverty and social isolation--belies the show's giddy celebration of all things pastoral.
During the 20th century, the aim of the treatment provided has been to encourage male diligence and the fulfilling of a man's maintenance obligation, but also to promote female virtuousness and a concern for the family among women.
It is difficult for them to back out at that time or request more favourable provisions, (101) especially since demanding more payment contradicts the selflessness and virtuousness they are supposed to adopt in their mothering role.
Notions of femininity, virtuousness, and piety, as well as feminism, are explored throughout this collection, specifically in relation to the work undertaken by women of the period to shape religious discourses, along with the ways these dialogues impacted upon women.