virtual memory

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(computer science) memory created by using the hard disk to simulate additional random-access memory

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Windows Vista x64 Edition allocates 8 TB of virtual memory for user processes and 8 TB for kernel processes to create a virtual memory of 16TB.
And it takes advantage of the Dreamcast's Virtual Memory Unit (about $50) to allow you to secretly choose plays and defenses.
Expand's virtual memory arrays reside in a personal computer's expanded memory, freeing more RAM for Fortran code.
The complex memory organisation required when virtual memory translation is being used or when the fast context switch extension is in operation necessitates the use of a linker script to specify the detailed code and data layout of the target system.
A 32-bit processor provides 2^32 bytes, or approximately 4 gigabytes (GB), of virtual memory For many years, 4GB of virtual memory satisfied the needs of most programs However, today Windows computers increasingly confront the 4GB virtual memory ceiling as the result of memory-intensive applications and the need to store multiple applications (or processes) in memory simultaneously In response, companies like Intel and AMD developed consumer-grade 64-bit processors.
According to AMD's Opteron documentation, the new processor's 40-bit physical and 48-bit virtual addressing remove this limitation, permitting up to 1 Terabyte of physical memory space and 256TB of virtual memory addressing space.
Together, these cutting-edge systems from ATI and AMD support applications that require massive amounts of physical and virtual memory, such as database management solutions.
Panzer played the Dreamcast without benefit of its $25 virtual memory unit, which stores progress and allows you to play mini-games separately.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE--(C) 1994-8 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Hitachi Ltd and Equator Technologies have released a new programmable media engine, that functions both as a general purpose processor, with virtual memory, and as an imaging/DSP engine in a single CPU.
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