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the smallest of viruses


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Bentonite has been reported to improve the infectivity of the potato spindle tuber viroids [26].
An actinide dependent shadow biosphere of archaea and viroids in the above mentioned disease states are described.
Avocado sunblotch disease: a persistent viroid infection in which variants are associated with differential symptoms.
Among the terms he defines are crop rotation, habitat, low-temperature acclimatisation, quantitative genetics, translocation tester set, and viroid.
Burroughs refers us, we might say, to a molecular level, to a level, a stratum, where we find ourselves apprehending the virus, living a viroid life, (4) a creeping, crawling kind of life, which, on later reflection, would be an avatar of the kind of 'pharma fiction' represented in a film like Blood Diamond or in John LeCarre's The Constant Gardener.
The researchers have developed an experimental system to identity specific structural parts of a viroid that are responsible for its multiplication and spread of the disease.
There is also a complex selection of horticultural pests and diseases, including the tobacco or sweet potato whitefly, bemisia tabaci and other glasshouse insects, the pepino mosaic virus - which hits tomatoes - potato spindle tuber viroid and angular leaf spot on strawberries.
A serious viroid disease, cadang cadang, which devastates coconut palms, was found be transmitted between them by bolo knives.
The P69 family of subtilisin-like proteases was initially identified as pathogenesis-related proteins induced by viroid infection and treatment with defense signaling molecules such as ethylene and salicylic acid (Vera and Conejero, 1989; Tornero et al.
Virus detectados en Costa Rica: sintomatologia, morfologia, transmision e importancia de Potato Virus Y, A, S, V, M, T y X, asi como de Potato Leaf Roll-, Mop-Top, Andean Mottle, Aucuba Mosaic-, Alfalfa Mosaic- y Tobacco Ringspot Virus, y de Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid.
Viroid life: Perspectives on Nietszche and the transhuman condition.
In fact, Viroid Life consists of six essays, of which five (in modified form) have already appeared or are due to appear elsewhere.
However, despite the impressive studies, Bigornia (1977) was of the opinion that "until in-effectivity of the RNAs is conclusively demonstrated through experimental transmission, the characterization of the ccRNA-1 and ccRNA-2 and their more or less constant association with diseased condition can only be regarded as indirect supporting evidence for the viroid hypothesis of cadang-cadang.
Because researchers are unsure about how to classify them, various names have been ascribed for them, such as slow virus, virino, viroid, virion and prion, or proteinaceous infectious particle.