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the abnormal development of male sexual characteristics in a female (usually as the result of hormone therapies or adrenal malfunction)

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1990: Herdt 1992, 1996: Herdt and Davidson 19881 many of whom would, in fact, at puberty undergo a rapid virilisation, i.
The salt-losing type of CAH presents with adrenal crisis a few weeks after birth, while the simple type manifests virilisation and rapid growth years later.
A cet egard, nous profitons de cet article pour presenter quelques aspects du discours et de la pratique acejiste qui temoignent d'une virilisation de la piete.
Virilisation - the development of masculine characteristics in women - is a recognised side-effect.
La virilisation des organes genitaux externes s'effectue a partir de la 8[sup.