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the abnormal development of male sexual characteristics in a female (usually as the result of hormone therapies or adrenal malfunction)

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The Prader scoring system was used to determine the degree of external virilisation.
Therapy with testosterone usually restores virilisation in every case and patients usually begins to have ejaculation.
A cet egard, nous profitons de cet article pour presenter quelques aspects du discours et de la pratique acejiste qui temoignent d'une virilisation de la piete.
Virilisation - the development of masculine characteristics in women - is a recognised side-effect.
1) This may impact on performance, since androgens are largely responsible for virilisation, including muscle development, which may confer a performance advantage.
It has been previously reported that symptoms, such as maternal virilisation, occur in approximately 15% of women with HL.
La virilisation des organes genitaux externes s'effectue a partir de la 8[sup.
Out of Five three patients had virilisation symptoms.
Females present with spectrum of conditions like genital virilisation (eg: clitoromegaly, labioscrotal fusion, urogenital sinus) because of increased androgen production beginning in-utero.
4) Our patient presented with nonspecific symptoms, without any features of virilisation.
These tumours can be a source of testosterone and other steroids, hence can cause hirsutism and virilisation in a female adults and precocious puberty in children.
It should be considered in patients with ovarian mass presenting with features of virilisation.
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is the most common cause of female virilisation [6].
These tumors are most commonly unilateral, may be both benign or malignant, most of these tumors are usually diagnosed in early stages because of virilisation caused by these tumors.
Virilisation was defined by clitoromegaly or macrogenitosomia, hirsutism, deep voice, and/ or increased muscle mass with elevated concentrations of plasma androgens Feminization considered if the patient had precocious puberty, enlargement of the breasts (thelarche), pubertal distribution of fat and enlargement of both labia majora and minora with elevated levels of estradiol and decreased FSH (5,6).