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Synonyms for virgule

a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information

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Saintsbury 381, Saintsbury's virgules and italics; Dickens 792) (1)
Dans les deux ouvrages, il importe de noter les virgules qui font de << Sembene >> et << Ousmane >> des noms de famille.
L'aspect erotique est renforce par l'emploi des virgules qui miment la respiration ou les battements de coeur : " tant de sensations, palpitante, oppressee [.
Each time the piece is shown, its link to an original or fixed location is further diluted, and the virgules that punctuate its title multiply until permanence dissolves into its own shadow, or in Suh's words, until "site-specificity becomes portable.
Bannatyne's layout, however, differs strikingly: the eight lines are compressed into four long lines, with virgules marking the position of the rhymes.
Instead, single or double virgules (vertical slashes) are used to indicate the end of one sentence and the beginning of the next, but only GC, TK, RBC, RR, EB, RL, RT and TG employ them more or less regularly.
DesRuisseaux is capable of striking and insightful images, of which "chaque aurore / met des virgules h l'eternite" is one example.
In other words, whereas Rusk and Slater accounted for alterations in the manuscripts in footnotes, Tilton uses angle brackets and virgules to indicate in the text itself cancellations, write-overs, etc.