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Synonyms for virgule

a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information

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Ici, a part les virgules, la repetition du mot <<infiniment>> cree, par echo prosodique, une accentuation qui fonctionne comme une ponctuation : les deux mots se detachent de l'enonce, ce qui renforce son autonomie dans la phrase, et le detache d'une liaison facultative.
Dans ce dernier cas, ils sont en general (5) mis en position frontale et detaches du reste de la phrase par une virgule.
The Virgule is one of his most playful designs in terms of the perfection of the heel.
Thus the virgule, or slanted line, representing "and-or" appears in the Indian/Agent binary.
The generic locus of Utopia [Hester explained] is that seam (or seem /seme) between Philosophy and History, that space (or no-place) traced by the bold virgule on the book cover.
Houston has infused a seemingly mundane subject with considerable verve & erudition, inspiring us to pepper these pages with the en dash, em dash, pilcrow, interrobang, circumflex, manicule, virgule (aka solidus), guillemet, asterisk, dagger, double dagger, ellipsis, hedera (aka fleuron), ampersand, and octothorpe (aka hashtag).
La virgule signale une pause courte ; un point une pause plus longue ; un point d'interrogation indique une question.
That it marks an end to the collection is signified by Wroth's use of a final ornate virgule (that is, a fancy, elaborated curled line).
Instead, see that in slow motion, across the course of a year, 1 967, and against the double negatives of the Relaches, Sturtevant cleaves the everything of The Store of Claes Oldenburg, her virgule consisting of the Study for Yvonne Rainess "Three Seascapes'"--but the climax of her Study, unlike Rainer's own Three Seascapes, was not centered by the diagonal undulations of a "sexy, crippled, possessed, audience-be-damned, nothing-to-lose, shameless, female critter"; not centered either by the "self" or the "feminine" or something as effective and awkward as a woman doing female impersonation.
punct si virgule, patologiceeni, esculapisti, mormonloci, laptilor, smiorcaistilor, palmasilor
Il faut remplacer le point avant << car >> par une virgule.
The most common marks of punctuation in H509 are the punctus (which occurs in raised position), the virgule and the punctus elevatus, although the inventory of symbols also includes the colon, the paragraph mark and the caret.
1989) Beni ou le paradis prive, Paris, Point Virgule.
The numerator and the denominator are separated by a line called a bar or a slanted line called a virgule.
Mais si le poete separe d'abord ces elements par la conjonction << et >>, il ne les separe ensuite plus que par une virgule pour enfin utiliser une expression contenant les deux elements--<< amalgame tout-puissant et indivisible du genie >>.