virgin wool

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Founder Helen Townsend could never seemto find a reliable source of black and white wardrobe staples so her "Chin Choi" is a compact concise collection in beautiful quality linen, silk, cashmere, virgin wool and cotton, some for business and some for leisure.
Fiber gifts including scarves, hats, virgin wool blankets, merino fleeces, shawls, leg warmers, tea cozies, mug rugs, hot mats, Christmas tree decorations, and more can be ordered from Sandra Bennett at Thistle Cove Farm in Tazewell, Virginia.
Bolts of red and orange Italian virgin wool surround Hiroko Kurihara in the downstairs studio of her Oakland home.
With so many races,colours and creeds you get so many diverse ways of looking at life,'' says Ken Dodd, who has recently had his tickling sticks re- up hostered with virgin wool (''And that's very difficult to come by thesedays.
Filson has produced some of the best wool clothing, and now Filson has introduced a line of camo virgin wool clothes for bowhunters.
It's 85 percent virgin wool, 15 percent nylon blend with front and back yoke.
The Penn Mere jacket is constructed from 80 percent virgin wool and 20 percent nylon.
Brussels, with a flame stitch effect, Highland Plaid, an all-over plaid, and Surrey, a plaid with a tassel border, are available in custom sizes and colors in 100% virgin wool.
For himself, Rawlings preferred Andrew Fezza virgin wool suits in distinguished, understated blues, grays and blacks.
Natura World's pure and natural collection features mattresses and bedding including mattress toppers, duvets/comforters and pillows that are made from silky virgin wool encased in 100% buttery cotton.
Caption: Amer: Kanoka Is one of nine new collections from Amer at market Kanoka is hand tutted In India of blended New Zealand virgin wool with art silk highlights.
The alternative route, used virgin wool producing through the 'worsted' system.
com; (715) 623-5399) uses wool's natural water-resistant and heat-retaining properties to the max in their Wool Lined pullover and Bibs both made of 27-ounce pure virgin wool.
It requires pure virgin wool that has been dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.