virgin forest

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forest or woodland having a mature or overly mature ecosystem more or less uninfluenced by human activity


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Virgin forests in vast areas of the slopes greater than 1:3 in the state, are destroyed and are being cultivated for several decades causing very high level of soil erosion and less and less level of recharge of rain water into the soil: most unjust and deadly human interference into the eco-system not only in Kerala but all over the world.
GGS did not have line transects in virgin forest, and GHQ, QQ, DLJ did not have line transects in secondary forest (Table II).
4-hectare reserve is a virgin forest that sits right in the middle of the commercial and business centre of the Malaysian capital.
It all started with the environment ministry giving a positive indication to allow Indian Coastal Guard to install a coastal surveillance radar, a two-km road through the virgin forest and a power supply source in Narcondam Island Sanctuary in Andaman and Nicobar Island, where these small beautiful bird has been living for centuries.
Sinharaja forest is one of the areas where landslides never occur because of the virgin forest cover, according to the professor.
Mike Foster,s 53, dismissed claims he paid a pounds 2m bribe to Liberian authorities to negotiate rights to a fifth of the war-ravaged country's virgin forest.
Policies such as those implemented in Brazil in recent years can help preserve large areas of virgin forest in nations such as Peru, Suriname and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, DeFries suggested.
Her head was running wild with confused theories about the bathroom and the virgin forest she had seen yesterday.
Mr Kautsky had a deep love of nature, and many years ago bought 300,000 square meters of virgin forest (known as "Kautsky's Mountain) on which, by 1986, he had relocated more than 100,000 plants over a 15 year period.
A wooden bench made from a steamer trunk and containing a compartment is aligned in the center of the space, in stark contrast to the virgin forest we see framed in her photograph.
The 16-acre virgin forest is one of the few "urban forests" in Mississippi, according to Jacquie Turner, chairman of the Preserve's board and lifelong member of the Garden Club.
His second virgin forest map, published in 1925, used various symbols to indicate oak, beech and ash forests.
This corresponds roughly to the surface of virgin forest cut down in the last century.
The theme and location of the Symposium were especially significant because this region of Russia is undergoing dynamic development, yet still holds much virgin forest, and moose evolved and subsequently spread from this region to North America via the Bering Land Bridge.
Yet the main road southward through Jonglei, Central and Eastern Equatoria States cuts through a beautiful relief of virgin forest, hills and mountains--a part of Africa described as a hope of the world given the increasing threat of global warming.