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Synonyms for virgin

Synonyms for virgin

a pure, uncorrupted person

morally beyond reproach, especially in sexual conduct

Words related to virgin

a person who has never had sex

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Virgo

the sixth sign of the zodiac

being used or worked for the first time

Related Words

in a state of sexual virginity

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The "V Marks the Spot" competition coincides with the official launch of a free new loyalty programme on July 1 called Virgin Red, which unites all Virgin's UK businesses across one loyalty scheme, including Newcastlebased bank Virgin Money.
From yesterday passengers flying on Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, and V Australia/Virgin Blue are all able to earn miles or points for their flights which can later be redeemed under any of the carrier's frequent flyer programs.
Virgin America changes ownership pact with Branson's Virgin Group.
Devotion to the Pilgrim Virgin combined two interrelated pillars of the pre-Vatican II church: devotion to Mary through the rosary and a fierce anti-communism.
So, Juan Diego returned to the hillside to visit the Virgin again, and asked her for a sign.
It's one pursuit that Playboy and Virgin have in common.
Gerson attributes to the Virgin the dignity of being both a "partner" and a "cause" of human salvation.
The case study found that after-service automotive steering gear bellows could be reprocessed to yield a recyclate with greater than 80% of the mechanical properties of virgin ETPE material.
His recycling process simply involves pulverizing the reclaimed material to the right size and then compounding it as a filler with virgin resin.
The Virgin Atlantic Airways - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information.
Virgin America responded with a DOT filing last week that reiterated it is 75% owned by US investors and managed by US citizens such as CEO Fred Reid, former president of Delta, who said he was confident the airline would meet with DOT approval.
I suspected that he also had one of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
With a contortionist, trapeze, spotlights, magician, performing Seal (the musician, not the marine mammal) and one quite prominent ringmaster in Richard Branson, the recent Virgin Megastore Online kickoff party in Hollywood had all the trappings of a circus.
When combined with the company's Gravitrol system, which gravimetrically controls the virgin feed rate, the new Gravifluff system is said to provide accurate control of the scrap-to-virgin ratio in both monoextrusion and coextrusion lines.