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inflammation of the liver caused by a virus or a toxin

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Before HIV-infected people start antiretroviral therapy, the CD4 count almost always keeps falling and the viral load almost always keeps rising.
Genital tract HIV-1 RNA shedding among women with below detectable plasma viral load.
Our new system for rapid determination of viral RNA sequence (RDV) uses whole-genome amplification and direct sequencing techniques (Figure 1).
NewsCubes can be placed directly on news sites or in TheNewsRoom, the Web destination site for Voxant's Viral Syndication Network.
Under the R&D agreement, which commenced in 2004, SAFC Biosciences has developed and optimized media specifically for use with Vivalis' widely licensed EBx cells, in the commercial development of viral vaccines for clinical trials and recombinant protein production.
These new treatments would probably target human instead of viral biochemistry, probably greatly reducing the development of viral resistance.
Though antiretroviral therapy has enabled immunologic control of HIV and viral suppression, the use of HAART is associated with decreased HIV-specific immune responses, particularly in patients with chronic HIV infection.
At least two viral genes captured by the human genome millions of years ago encode proteins that, according to new experiments, may guide the development of the human placenta.
Through June, Ventura County recorded 28 cases of viral meningitis, compared with nine during the comparable period last year, according to the Public Health Department.
Theoretically, and in the absence of mutation, partial inhibition of the virus will eventually approach, but may never totally achieve, complete viral inhibition.
CANNES, France -- Leading management company, Viral Spiral, which connects hit Viral content with brands, agencies and production companies, today announces that it has partnered with Rightster, the video distribution and monetisation specialist, and Rightster Studios to produce, distribute and monetise video content in a bid to further develop its digital content offering.
Today's antiretroviral combinations can usually make a person's viral load undetectable, even if several combinations have already failed in that person.
This approach involved virus culture combined with real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction detection of 2 viral genes expressed immediately after infection.
7 log drop in viral load overall as compared to placebo patients who did not achieve any change in viral load; and
A careful study of 54 asymptomatic, HIV-positive gay men, published December 15, 2003, in the journal Biological Psychiatry found that "socially inhibited" individuals had a viral load setpoint eight times higher than others--and a much worse response to antiretroviral treatment as well, with only about one eighth of the viral load reduction of the other volunteers (all treated volunteers were starting HAART for the first time).