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a large stringed instrument

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Skimpole played some fragments of his own compositions or when, both at the piano and the violoncello, and at our table, he preserved with an absence of all effort his delightful spirits and his easy flow of conversation, that Richard and I seemed to retain the transferred impression of having been arrested since dinner and that it was very curious altogether.
The musical instruments, which amounted to 64 pieces, including violoncellos, violins, trombones and others, could be used to establish an orchestra of medium size.
21 Etuden fur Violoncello, mit Begleitung eines zweiten Violoncellos (ad lib.
Funfzehn leichte, melodisch-harmonische Etuden fur Violoncello mit Begleitung eines zweiten Violoncellos (ad lib.
52 of the fourth movement and especially for the violoncellos and basses at the opening of the fifth movement.
Bergwarts: 3 Aggregatzustande far Sopran, Flate, Violine, Violoncello, and Klavier, nach cinem Gedicht von Felix Philipp Ingold (2010).
Nine works: Water Traveller, for Orchestra; Oriental Wind, for Orchestra; Kiki's Delivery Service, for Piano, Percussion, and Strings: Saka No Tie No Kumo, for Orchestra; Departures, for Violoncello and Orchestra; Summer, for Piano and Orchestra; Orbis, for Mixed Chorus, Organ and Orchestra; One Summer's Day, for Piano and Orchestra; My Neighbor Totoro, for Orchestra.
Trio in zwei Satzen, fur Violine, Violoncello, und Klavier (2006-2007).
Divertimento ossia sestetto per flauto, violino, due viole, violoncello e pianoforte.