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a musician who plays the viola

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These were whittled down to five finalists, performing concerti to a distinguished jury of great violists, all accompanied after minimal rehearsal time by the amazingly professional Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra under the courteous and unflappable baton of Jamie Phillips, himself a music student not so long ago.
On June 10 the festival will present its second world premiere when violist Kashkashian and pianist Peter Nagy perform a piece for viola and piano composed by leading Armenian composer Tigran Mansurian, again also commissioned by the yKSV.
Selecteum's house chamber orchestra, as it were, is the quartet Musique Del Tempo, comprised of violinists Brin Hashim and Michel El Murr, violist Samir Amouri and cellist Anastasia Yartseva El Murr.
The enchanting composition is perhaps most noteworthy for its technical demands, which would have required a very skilled violist to perform (fig.
During her performances, Argerich will be accompanied by renowned Turkish violinist Ayla Erduran, her daughter violist Lyda Chen, violinist Omer Sipahi and cellist Jing Zhao, a statement from Bogazici University said on Monday.
The band consists of Kanun player Dima Mawazini, violist Razan Qassar, oud player Rihab Azar, viola player Raghad Hadda, cellist Rana Ejalyaqin, percussionist Khisab Khalid, nai player Wafa Safar, contrabass player Leila Saleh and singer Meray Bittar.
Returning favorites include Italian violist Bruno Giuranna, the festival's artistic director since the beginning.
2 in A minor - his 1944 birthday gift to the celebrated violist Jean Stewart which offers a prominent role for her instrument - and, in celebration of another anniversary, the 200th year of his death, Haydn's quartet in G minor Op.
In one recurring bit, the four original members of the Lazara Quartet--who rose to fame and then fired brilliant, unstable violist Dorian (Michael Laurence)--speak directly to the audience.
A scenario featuring six Renaissance couples moves from suspicion, through eroticism, to break-up backed by music by Italian composer, violist and choirmaster Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643).
Violist Jean Carton, secretary of the orchestra, said: "We raise money for different charities and this time decided to support Headway because one of the members of the orchestra has been involved with the charity.
I'm a violist who performs with the Florissant Valley Community College Orchestra.
Performing onstage, the ebullient Soweto String Quartet (cellist, violist, and two violinists as well as a tabla player and a multi-instrument percussionist) received even more applause than the fine dancers.
Kronos performs nothing but works of this century and modern arrangements of older material, a decision made decades ago by founding artistic director David Harrington in blissful agreement with second violin John Sherba, cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, and violist Hank Dutt.
Perhaps because I am familiar with these pieces primarily as a violist, I found the tempo in La Rameau a little brisk for the extraordinary succession of 7ths and 9ths.