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bowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family

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I may well lack the "social graces" Mr Redmond claims to accompany violinistic skills, but the violin has offered me an artistic life beyond even my hard-working mother's wildest dreams, performing not only in Liverpool's wonderful Philharmonic Hall but also in many parts of the world, with some of the greatest musicians ever.
This is consistent with contemporary French trio suites, where a restricted range and avoidance of the violinistic idioms common in Italian sonatas permit performance on a variety of treble instruments.
Tripping thirds and violinistic imitations in the Souvenir de Paganini, a fluid and affectionate Berceuse, and fleet-fingered accounts of the negligible Rondo no.
He wrote nineteen violin concertos and continued to pursue his violinistic path throughout his career, but he may have been better known as a composer of popular operas (he penned thirty-nine operas and ballets).
The gavotte is followed by four very violinistic variations (ex.
Like Oramo, this 25-year-old Kazakh comes from a violinistic background, and has a brave feel for depth of orchestral colour.
7) Non-violinists made their own manuscript arrangements or adapted standard editions of opts for their own ends--the owner of the Turnbull Library copy of the Walsh 1711 edition sketched in how to avoid the violinistic leaps in the Allemanda of Sonata no.
She was in her own little world, coolly getting on with delivering hair-raising violinistic pyrotechnics, producing velvety tone contrasting with throaty lower registers in adagio passages.
The texts of two letters Bartok wrote to Menuhin (in English) concerning the Sonata are reproduced in their entirety on separate pages to document how Bartok relied on Menuhin for the necessary violinistic additions.